Restrictions put in place by “Your Waverley” are not worth the bog paper they are written on.

Wake up over there in the East and:


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Residents of  the village dubbed by Waverley councillors as “Poor Old Cranleigh” have watched  both Crest Nicholson on the Horsham Road and Cala Homes on Amlets Lane start developing their sites, despite conditions that SHOULD HAVE PREVENTED FROM THEM DOING SO!

Both  sites had Grampian style conditions imposed when planning permission was granted, which was designed  to prevent developments starting until off-site works were completed by Thames Water on the sewerage network, including the sewage treatment works on Elmbridge Road.

However, the Cranleigh Society was recently advised by “Your Waverley’s planning enforcement  that the Grampian Condition wording is – “too woolly to enforce and doesn’t specifically mention the words ‘SEWAGE TREATMENT’, so no work to the sewage works are apparently included.” – is this yet  another nail in the coffin for Cranleigh?

WHY NOT WE AT THE WAVERLEY WEB ASK? Those who attend planning meetings on a regular basis sit and hear officers continually being congratulated for preparing” such concise  and informative reports,” even if they do , in the main, include a recommendation to approve the most inappropriate schemes in the countryside.So why tell us why can’t they draft, impose and police such a vital planning condition? After all isn’t that what the are paid vast sums to do.

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Said a Society spokesman: “To say that we feel  let down by the lack of rigour exercised in the planners’ wording of the Grampian and the lack of ability by Waverley to enforce it, is an understatement!

There is no consideration being given to existing residents, who after all fund the borough council, in the scramble to achieve a housing number at all costs. We don’t need to remind you, that you will have to bear the brunt of polluted rivers, congested roads, odour nuisance from the sewage works, an over burdened GP surgery, and the list goes on.

As you might remember Cala Homes had applied for their Grampian condition to be removed, however, Waverley Borough Council, in a rare moment of what seemed common sense, refused their request. Surprisingly, this did not stop work on Cala’s show houses.

The bungalow on the Horsham Road, which was acquired by Crest Nicholson to provide an access road to the site, was demolished long before their Grampian Condition was even discharged (such as it was), and work was also immediately commenced on the green fields to build 149 houses. Grampian, what Grampian?

It was also pointed out that Crest’s Grampian was a little more lax than that for Cala Homes, despite all the initial concerns Thames Water had about this site and the need for huge on-site sewage storage tanks. These worries seem to have been a mere flash in the pan!

Not long after the first Crest spade was in the ground, they were plotting to build 121 more houses in the pristine green fields adjacent to this site.

This how  Crest describes Cranleigh on its website:

“Cranleigh is a pretty Surrey village where one can enjoy a relaxed pace of life yet benefit from daily conveniences aplenty on the doorstep, including a selection of shops, cafes and restaurants.”

Sounds idyllic, and surprising how keen developers are to emphasise that Cranleigh is  a “village” in their marketing literature whilst they are intent on turning into a town!

Despite the unsustainable location of Cranleigh, on a rural road network, with little public transport, a heavy reliance on the use of the private car, limited employment opportunities, water quality issues, a high percentage of asbestos cement drinking water pipes, an inadequate sewage treatment plant, and on green fields to boot, none of this matters, as long as the houses are built.

The ONLY reason for these dwellings is because it has  NO GREEN BELT protection, nothing else, and national planning policy will be twisted at the whim of the planners to suit their ultimate plan for this area, which is CRANLEIGH TOWN.

The Society warns: “However, before you start thinking, how bad can that be, it will be bad! We are the only community in Waverley without green belt protection AND any environmental designation. Farnham at least has the protection of Thames Basin Special Protection Area. So going forward, Cranleigh will be the dumping ground for any, and all, unmet housing in Waverley. However, Waverley Borough Council seem to be the winners, they have a convenient area, in the corner of the borough, which will be a cash cow for council tax, and with only 5 councillors (Farnham has 18) representing this area, and two of those with a declared pecuniary interest in development, this really does seem like a marvellous arrangement.

There is the rather inconvenient truth of Cranleigh Waters, which is polluted and failing in terms of the Water Framework Directive, but that can be smoothed over, by applying pressure to an overworked and under resourced Environment Agency (EA) with the promise of funds for river restoration and flood plain replacement projects.

There’s the problem of the rural roads and A281, but as Matthew Evans, Ex-Waverley Head Planner, said it really doesn’t matter if people are stuck in traffic. Obviously air quality issues and quality of life, for residents in this part of the borough, was not something that disturbed his sleep.

And then there’s the ageing asbestos cement drinking water pipes, which have an extremely inconvenient habit of bursting whenever water pressure increases, still, studies of health risks are inconclusive, so it appears Waverley don’t need to worry about that either. Despite the fact that we can find no reports that include the age of pipes we have here, or our particularly agressive type of water.

It would be difficult to imagine what would ever be considered as a material constraint by Waverley planners against development in Cranleigh, perhaps the discovery of uranium in the high street?

And to add insult to injury, the EA are now actively looking for replacement flood plain for this area, as let’s face it, they don’t want to create too much flooding downstream for Bramley and Guildford, residents there might start to wonder why the hell all this building was allowed, or should we say encouraged, on the natural flood plain we DID have.

However, we still have something up our sleeve and that’s you!

Joined together, you are the most powerful force. Stronger than Waverley and stronger than developers.

Working together in big enough numbers, people can, and will, make a difference. We can fight for fairness, we can fight for our community, and we can fight for our environment.

JOIN THE CRANLEIGH SOCIETY. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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