Lay…ing into “Your Waverley”

Ewhurst’s Mrs Lay is not impressed with “Your Waverley’s” decision to take no action against developers for breaches of planning control.

Oh Dear Mrs Deirdre Lay – where have your been – on the planet Zonk? Is the village of Ewhurst in another universe? Don’t you read the Waverley Web – because if you had you would have realised that ignoring  breaches of planning control for Developers with a big D  is as regular an occurrence for Waverley Planners as a dose of laxatives is to the constipated.

 Didn’t you know that development control is for the borough’s “little people”  – an odd dormer window here, the height of a set of stables there – and an  island in the middle of a duckpond…we could go on… but in the interest of our sanity we won’t!

But don’t worry your little head about “the people who live on the hill”- they have always been short of water in droughts, and some of them are supporting the development of Cranleigh New Town, of course as long  as it’s  nowhere near them!

It is all those people living in Cranleigh who get their water through 50/70 year-old pipes,  well past their sell-by-date and which were made of  asbestos cement lined pipes that should be concerning you  Mrs Lay: read our post hereYou all know about the East’s “Stinkgate” now here comes- “Watergate.”

And… as for your comments about the proposed housing development at Dunsfold Park… We understood that it’s owners are being forced to provide almost £50m of infrastructure including schools, road improvements, leisure facilities etc…  when  that particular development is  built.

The Waverley Web wouldn’t be in the slightest  bit surprised if DP was asked to stump up another great dollop of  cash  towards providing new water pipes throughout  the whole of the East of the borough, because …

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 21.30.01.png

…  after all it is the local cash cow isn’t it?

… in fact what comes to mind here at the Waverley Web is…

… Not what  is going to happen to the East of the borough if Dunsfold airfield is developed – but what will happen to the East /North/South East and West of the borough  if it isn’t?

One thought on “Lay…ing into “Your Waverley””

  1. Well does it surprise you tonight at the joint planning committee meeting Berkley homes had passed the variance that they wanted on the phased building of the houses down Knowle Lane, thIs is one of the conditions that the planning inspector put on it when he passed it. I don’t know why we have planning committees as it strikes me that the planning officers make the decisions and that most councillor’s just go along with it. It would appear that you can have one set of conditions passed and then say pretty please to have it altered. It was agreed that the lorry traffic from Amlets Lane would use Smithwood Common as a route to travel, I have noticed on several occasions in the last week lorries coming down past the cricket green and turning right on the roundabout, but no one on the site will bother about that or be even aware. There again try meeting one coming along Smithwood common, they drive fast half way across your side of the road and dont give a damm, same down knowle Lane. See it is the same old story, once the planning officers and the councillor’s have passed these plans no one really monitors them, no one is bothered about the chaos on the small roads around Cranleigh!

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