Let the burrowing… begin!

Watch out Cranleigh – you wake up this morning to the news that – the Berkeley Bunnies will soon be heading for your countryside! But for some … it aint funny Bunny!!!

Just when those poor sods over there in the East thought they had heard it all – they discovered tonight they hadn’t.

These little bunnies will have gone when the Berkeley Bunnies arrive! 

Despite what a Government Inspector said recently when he granted a planning appeal for 425 homes on countryside backing onto Stocklund Square  – including strict conditions that the development should be built as a whole – “Your Waverley” has decided it knows better!

By a vote of 14 to 7 – the Joint Planning Committee followed my leader… (Liz The Biz Sims) …  ignored local opinion and local councillors’ objections …and shoved through a revised scheme that,  now allows the Berkeley Bunnies to vary the conditions set by the Inspector. It can now   build 55 Top End homes with no affordable housing – accessing the homes and construction traffic  from Knowle Lane!!  

Wow! Cranleigh High Street will be fun. Phases Two, Three, Four which contain the affordable housing element  .. will use the Alfold Road If…and when they are built.

Want more footfall Cranleigh Businesses? Your new town’s High Street  is about to become a building site.-

we’ve heard some twaddle talked at “Your Waverley`’ in the year since the Waverley Web was first spun – but as Jack Adder would say: “Never  has so much mad twaddle been talked since Mad Jack McMad became the winner of last year’s Mr Madman Twaddle competition.”

What an absolutely shocking couple of hours. Where do they live, these people. Do any of them live in, or even care about,  the village they themselves have dubbed – “Poor Old Cranleigh.” 

Why in God’s name Councillor Mary Foryszewski and a few others don’t just shut up and put up – we here at the WW cannot fathom. She gave it her best. And following her volte facé on the Road to Damascus, so did Councillor  – Patricia Ellis of the “I take part in secret meetings” with developers! But they might as well  have stayed at home” for all the notice that was taken of them. The local view counts for nothing at “Your Waverley” – watch the webcast and see for yourselves.

Did we miss the Stennett’s  spiel? We were in the Chamber, hanging from a very big cobweb … so it cannot be that we missed their stand for Cranleigh – can  we?

WW is well aware that despite attempts to bring this duo to answer to Cranleigh Parish Council, from which they resigned just months after their election, they have refused. And there were we their folding fodder believing that our elected representatives were there  to speak up for us.! It turns out to be their cunning  ruse to  assist them in gaining their own very dubious personal planning consents, one of which was on  Green Belt land –  and turning up to declare pecuniary interests in others! 

As for Councillor Jerry Hyman – the minute he opens his very well-informed mouth you can see the Torry Tossers eyes glaze over – particularly Isherwood and Cockburn. Don’t they realise that sooner of later someone, somewhere is going to realise that many of their actions are downright illegal! Here you have a knowledgable , well read and honest man who Farnham is proud of. Oh! that he could be cloned!

At least planning officer Peter Cleveland gave an  honest answer when he was asked if the development could stop at phase one…. saying  “there is nothing” to stop developers from not continuing to build out the remainder  – which includes the “affordables” What planet are we living on that can allow this to happen.

We could continue but the comments made by Portfolio Holder Brian Adams sum up this crass decision!   

He said, if the council refused to vary the Conditions to allow the first phase to continue – although he could quite see why everyone was so concerned that the bridges may no be  built – unless the Council agreed it would delay the development and this would result in the loss of REVENUE TO THIS COUNCIL! 

Those who voted against were honest – those who voted for – should be downright ashamed of themselves – role on the next borough elections!

The paths of our lives are strewn with cowpats from the devil’s own satanic herd. And how we feel about “Your Waverley” in two words rhymes with “Clucking Bell!

to read more about the application: Are the Berkeley Bunnies about to go hopping mad? Apparently Not!

Here’s a comment we received to-day! So, OH Carole – get on your bike and go and visit Cranleigh – but when you do – we suggest you wear a cycle helmet…!!!

Oh! we may have it wrong… but our little Spider tells us this may be the Councillor Stennett duo’s sister/in-law. How about that for family unity? Maybe, just maybe, some people care so much about their  Community it comes before  Family?

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 16.30.52.png

2 thoughts on “Let the burrowing… begin!”

  1. I see the usual Farnham councillors voted to pour more concrete on the East of the borough. Perhaps they should look out. The population could become so big over here we get enough councillors to return the favour!

  2. How right you are Alfold Village. We over here in Farnham will have an opportunity to show our absolute disgust one day soon – but sadly the damage to the East has now well and truly begun.

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