Are Surrey’s Secret Squirrels set to lose their nuts?

Surrey County Council’s Secret Squirrel’s have been busy burying their little nuts haven’t they?

But their secrecy may have them up to their tiny ears in trouble – big trouble – So WW sees a Merger coming on!

animated-squirrel-image-0064-1But their secrecy may see them up to their tiny ears  in trouble as they juggle their nuts– big trouble – So WW sees a Merger coming on!

In fact they have pi**ed off so many people in recent weeks it is hard to find anyone whose fireworks they haven’t peed upon from on high at County towers.

 The county’s “dumped” Referendum bid to increase Council tax by 15% was thought through almost as badly as the Government’s very own cock-up.  WOULD YOU ADAM ND EVE IT – THEY EVEN PLANNED TO HOLD IT ON THE SAME DAY AS THE COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS – TALK ABOUT TURKEY VOTING FOR CHRISTMAS! After all it is the 20th council tax hike in 21 years (this year now proposed slightly under 5%) – not bad going eh?

WW revealed the Referendum was a sham from the outset. Regardless of whether the voting fodder said… yes – or no – SCC  intended taking “your money”  this year, squirreling it away under the nearest tree , to bail out the £108m Brightwells charade in Farnham with £30m of public funds. In other words, forcing Surrey residents to effectively underwrite the commercial risk of a 15 year-con trick that is currently the subject of a High Court action by Farnham residents. Of course if the worried wealthy had said “No” during the Referendum – then they woud have been forced to repay  the money… or would they?

As Surrey’s Surrey’s SS’s cronyism has now caught the eye of the National media and incurred its residents, its opposition, and the Government Opposition’s wrath, perhaps the Nationals should all start peering into the dark and murky corners of Surrey’s SS’s part in Fanham’s Royal Deer fraud (and the 8 year cover up of Crest Nicholson Sainsburys falsified Transport Assessment for the pedestrianisation of East Street mooted by Government minister our Jeremy Hunt.)

So do we now feel a merger coming on? Maybe  cut out the huge waste that is in Surrey’s local Government backyard? After all if Theresa May & Co want to throw millions at the stockbroker belt of Surrey, many of whose residents fund their own nursing home and social care, pay huge private health care and spiraling school fees for their kids – what chance the people of Worksop,  Wolverhampton or the Welsh Valleys?

screen-shot-2016-04-12-at-11-56-04If it was “”SSS Dodgey Hodge’s ” intention to force the Government’s hand to extract more lolly by proposing a huge  council tax hike– then he has obviously succeeded in the long term now it is  allowed to keep its valuable business rates (only a pilot sop though) – but will the gamble pay off.

We here at the Waverley Web ,who know nothing about the political shenanigans in the darkest corners of Government, believe your ruse may turn out to be a Bodge- Hodge!

Whilst  treating  your colleagues like mushrooms, by throwing shovel full of manure over them to keep them in the dark may work in the short term – we see a merger coming on!

Surrey has:

  • 11 borough and district councils plus a county council
  • 12 County Halls or Civic Centres, 12 Chief Executives including, “Your Waverley’s Wen –am- I- leaving, (it may be sooner than you hoped!)
  • dozens of deputy’s, directors of everything and anything some of whom earn more than the Prime Minister.
  • Not forgetting over 600 councillors, all with allowances and expenses, special responsibility allowances and…
  • the chain gangs that trot around the county covered in robes eating and drinking at all those civic functions we pay for.

Wouldn’t that go a long way to solve the social care crisis?

So watch this space.

One thought on “Are Surrey’s Secret Squirrels set to lose their nuts?”

  1. East Hampshire District Council set to make consecutive Council Tax cuts
    Pioneering East Hampshire District Council is again planning to set itself apart from other local authorities in the country by cutting its share of Council Tax instead of putting it up.

    If approved, the 2.6 per cent cut would be the council’s second consecutive Council Tax cut, following a 2 per cent reduction last year.

    And EHDC has also announced its commitment to a third cut for 2018/2019 which will bring its share of Council Tax down to the lowest level since 2006/2007.

    The move would leave £170,000 in the pockets of the district’s Council Tax payers and is part of the council’s strategy to become financially independent.

    EHDC Leader, Cllr Ferris Cowper, said: “We are proposing to reduce our Council Tax at a time when nearly all local authorities are increasing their charge by the maximum amount allowed by Government.

    “East Hampshire District Council has stated its ambition to bring Council Tax down to zero and is committed to making itself free from reliance on Government grant. This latest cut, and the promise to make further tax cuts next year, backs up this commitment with positive action.

    “We have shown it is possible for councils to make their own money, without increasing the tax burden on their residents and without cutting services.”

    The council has been able to make the cut thanks to the success of its business strategies and its property investments.

    Media Contact: Will Parsons, EHDC Communications Officer, 01730 234030

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