Watching “Your Waverley’s” licensing committee is riveting- isn’t it?

Please, please just watch the Licensing Committee in action – all it takes is two minutes   honest!

For starters, the WW doesn’t believe the meeting was Quorate – but then we don’t really know do we because although a “large number of councillors” weren’t there, and had  given their apologies for not being there, we can’t be sure can we?

WW has noticed lots of councillors don’t turn up for meetings these days – not since it’s gone to Potts?

However, what we do know is that Cranleigh Conservative Councillor Stewart Stennett didn’t need to send his Apologies- he just Resigned!! Well we all know he does that quite a lot these days, resigned from the Cranleigh Parish Council along with his wife Jeannette. Declared a pecuniary interest in a controversial planning application, and  left, and now he has literally  gone “Down Under” according to the mutter in Cranleigh’s very smelly gutter and… instead of turning up at a recent planning meeting – supported it by letter instead. 

Just in case you have forgotten what he looks like over there in the East of the borough we will remind you. So … who have you representing your views in Cranleigh at this critical time, whilst the other Cranleigh councillors  are sending their, fully understandable apologies, due illness and subsequent death  …  Mary Foryszewski!  And then there was ONE!

Gone missing… gone surfing… gone fishing?  Where have all the others gone? Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 17.01.34.png

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