Have the Berkley Bunnies sold off part of their Cranleigh warren?

The Cranleigh Scuttlebutt has been giving the Waverley Web the latest mutter in the Cranleigh gutter circulating around  one of the largest developments about to hit the “City of Cranleigh.”

Only joking Cranleigh but, we just can’t quite get over the Dunsfold anti’s calling Dunsfold Park – `’A New Town.” Though of course it might be if Godalming Town Council gets its way!


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…Have the Berkley Bunnies  sold off part of their site in Knowle Lane to…? Answers on a postcard to:- mailto:contact@waverleyweb.org

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Berkeley Homes  has planning permission for 425 homes on green fields off Knowle Lane and Alfold Roads, Cranleigh. However, a small portion of the site will boast Executive homes accessing Knowle Lane, with the major portion accessing Alfold Road in West Cranleigh. The two sites are separated.

It is believed another developer will provide housing, which includes the 40% affordable homes, which will then be offered by a housing association, approved by “Your Waverley.” And of course, if the present government’s housing policy continues, tenants will be given the Right to Buy, with a substantial discount after a given period has elapsed.

3 thoughts on “Have the Berkley Bunnies sold off part of their Cranleigh warren?”

  1. I take it then that Berkley Homes Vision for Cranleigh at the Alfold Road end of their development has gone out of the window and their promise to deal with the flooding and traffic problems will no longer apply, but I am sure that the decision to keep the knowle lane side of the development has nothing to do with the up market expensive houses that will be built there, it is funny that they get these planning applications through with all the promises including affordable housing and then don’t follow it through but just off load the less profit making side!

  2. We now notice that the Thakeham Thugs intent on building over Alfold’s countryside – ( over 500 houses now at appeal) have now set their sights on the water meadows in Elmbridge Road! The combined greed of landowners and developers over there has no bounds? WW

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