Coming to a green field near you? And… then to another green field near you? And…?

The green, green grass of home.

Just in case Cranleigh people need to be reminded  what a green field looks like – here’s one we prepared earlier!  Now commit this picture to memory? And… the same goes for all the other Waverly town and villages particularly Farnham!Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 21.09.38.png


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 18.29.14.png


Waverley Web wonders if the very tangled web that is “Your Waverley” will be up for allowing its favourite developer (Crest Nicholson) to forge ahead with detailed planning content of its outline plans to build 149 homes in Cranleigh?

On Wednesday will Cranleigh councillors, one or two of whom have just bagged their own planning permission for development  in the Green Belt,  even notice that there are 64 letters of objection and counting, from villagers to this  unpopular  scheme?

Will anyone, anywhere take any notice of  objections, including a huge list supplied by  Cranleigh Parish Council?

No don’t be silly, why would they? As Councillor Brian Ellis said just recently  – “Cranleigh retailers need more footfall – don’t they- so go on provide them with  more footfall why don’t you. But remember your voting fodder are watching you – well they will be if the webcast is working!  

We have heard from our followers over there in the east of the borough that their elected representatives  no longer represent their views – with the exception of Councillor Mary Foryszewski  who is now a lone, but very loud, voice in the  wilderness that is “Your Waverley.”

In a nutshell here are just some of the objections:


The original outline scheme is very different to that now proposed – but that’s how CNS works – you only have to look at Farnham’s Brightwells / East Street to see what this company gets away with – or will they – Farnham people have been given leave for a Judicial Review! 

In a nutshell here are just a few  of the objections:

  •  Object to the 1 metre increase in height of dwellings on the north west of the site, contravening the Cranleigh Design Statement,
  • Extreme concern regarding the flooding potential of the site and its surroundings.
  • A Condition imposed when outline consent was granted requiring a report from Thames Water – (not submitted) Of foul drainage and storage needs.
  • Cranleigh Sewage system  at capacity – impacting on Cranleigh  Water
  • Ongoing ownership dispute of the ditch on both western side  on grounds of adverse possession.
  • Concerns over Holdhurst Brook
  • Concerns over inadequate parking provision, road access, layout, transport issues. 

and on and on…it goes

But don’t worry! The Joint Planning Committee  will hear from their planning officer “experts” that Cranleigh’s poo can be safely stored in underground poo pits in a residential site prone to flooding. 

WW wonder what will happen if the power fails or there is a repeat of the 1968/1981/1985/2013/14 floods? Not muck of a problem really, particularly when the mucky brown stuff hits the fan and  residents of the village  dubbed “poor old Cranleigh” by the very same  councillors  who are recklessly dumping half the borough’s housing allocation on Cranleigh  end up wading through the stuff!  Residents we mean, not councillors –OH  HOW WE WISH! 

Will the Hitherwood Estate be Crnleigh’s  next  flood victim?

Well if you want to see how Crest Nicholson deal with Planning  Conditions we suggest you pop across the border into neighbouring counties where it is building. Because it consistently ignores any conditions imposed on it by them by Highways, Byways or any other ways! Why? Because local authorities only take enforcement action on Waverley’s “little people.”

Oh! and by the way if you take look at the Daft Local Plan – there are another 100 plus more homes planned by Crest Nicholson on an  adjoining site -so the grass won’t be  greener on the other side of the fence for Cranleigh folk?





2 thoughts on “Coming to a green field near you? And… then to another green field near you? And…?”

  1. Are you aware that WBC planning officers seem to be assisting Berkeley Homes to vary the conditions of their application for 425 homes in Cranleigh, South of Stocklund Square. Application WA/2016/1625 gives details. I do hope that Mary F is going to call this one in to committee as otherwise, the officers will approve and Berkeley will be free to submit applications to build the market housing first and Cranleigh will probably end up with none or very few affordable homes. My bet is that Berkeleys will want to build the expensive market homes, next to Knowle Lane, first.

  2. No Mr Reed the WW is not aware. Why aren’t we surprised? However nothing surprises us, or most of our readers any more!
    Our catchline – “Oh! What s tangled web they weave when once they practice to deceive” becomes more appropriate every day.
    Thank you for informing us. From all at the Waverley Web

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