Will Thakeham succeed in building homes for all their “Prickly Friends” in Afold?

It’s Official. Thakeham Homes bid to double the size of Alfold will be determined by a  Government Inspector after a four day public Inquiry into its appeal to be held early next year.

Well its promise featured  below to build doors, or hedgehog holes, in the thousands of garden fences it intends to put up around over four hundred new homes on Care Ashore’s Springbok Estate may not be quite  enough to placate the locals?

Here’s what the Horsham based developer promises on  its website…

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 20.27.11.png

In July “Your Waverley”s planning officers took the bold decision to kick Thakeham’s planning appeal into touch without allowing  it to see the light of day at its Joint Planning Committee.

Under  delegated powers officers can, if they are convinced there is no merit in a particular  application, refuse it and they did. On (August 2nd) Thakeham lodged its appeal.

So … Care Ashore is not giving up the chance to make a bob or two, claiming it  needs to save the Springbok Seafarers Charity which  is in choppy waters!  It will  fight the good fight to build a shedload of houses, while improving and extending  Springbok’s facilities to provide more  accommodation for retired seafarers – and quite a lot for  its staff and their families, according to Alfold locals.

The conscience of Thakeham Homes may have been pricked by hedgehogs, but not it would appear by the howls of protest from the residents of the Surrey/Sussex village which is presently under attack from developers on all sides.

However, if  allowed at appeal the development  in the countryside on the Surrey/Sussex border could  be immediately adjacent to a new village proposed on a brownfield site at Dunsfold Park.

So are  villagers now faced with a heads we lose –  tails we lose dilemma?

Do they support the development of Dunsfold airfield? A scheme  which  proposes vital infrastructure  including – schools, shops, commercial space, power, sewerage,  road improvements and more, and 1,800 homes to be considering the Autumn?

Or … do they oppose Dunsfold Park,  already recognised in “Your Waverley” Daft Local Plan, as a brownfield /employment site capable of taking 2,600 houses over the next 15  years?

Or… do they drop their opposition to Thakeham’s cunning plan  refused on the grounds that the infrastructure to support such a huge scheme did not exist, and that it would overdevelop and destroy the rural character of a  village  which the Local Plan has earmarked for only 100 homes.

Alfold Fightback Group will no doubt be preparing itself for the fight to save Alfold’s green and pleasant land from the bulldozers  as the village  sits between a rock and an airfield – dubbed the largest brownfield site in “Your Waverley.”

To view  the complete  application go onto Waverley’s planning portal Reference WA/2015/1381.




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