The David and Goliath Fight for Farnham begins!

Rock along with Rocky. 

The group that were  described by councillors as… “the small group of  Farnham people who have too much time on their hands” has  been  given leave to take “Your Waverley” to Judicial Review.

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Presumably the “very same small group of Farnham town and countryfolk with too much time on their hands”  have also been digging deep into their pockets to fund the fight which they will be paying for twice over. Once from their individual pockets and again through their council taxes!

A very large number of people, have given small donations, and a very small number of people have given large donations to fund the legal action that will now ensue.

Already “Your Waverley” is making every effort to bump up those costs by asking for extensions, and prevaricating at every available opportunity. Nothing new there then! Something “Your Waverley” has been doing for years, to anyone who dares to seek redress through the courts. In fact, even where costs are awarded against the Council by Government Inspectors when granting planning appeals, it is not unknown for successful applicants to wait and fight  for settlements, and often these are significantly less than those granted. 

Others who have dared to question “Your Omnipotent Waverley” have the scars to show for their audacity.  WW has many followers who have suffered, some of whom have never recovered!

So now  “Your Waverley” with “Your Money” will fight  “Your Waverley’s impudent Farnham Residents” in the High Court.

So let the major battle fronted  by the Farnham Interest Group (FIG) and supported by the Farnham Society plus many other local organisations begin.

Their objective is quite simple: To bring a halt to Crest Nicholson /Sainsbury’s East Street/Brightwells scheme to allow more appropriate re-development to be achieved – for Farnham’s sake.

So – Let Battle Commence.

You can find out more from the

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Here are some of the letters from the Farnham Herald.




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More Details are included in the full leaflet below.

JR 2016 leaflet 060716-1


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