Has “Your Waverley’s ” worst nightmare just come true?


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Getting it “almost” wrong twice in two days is no fun for the Waverley Web, however, this time it brought a little smile to our face.

Because the people of  Farnham have spoken – in fact they have shouted – we do not want more of the same so … Times They are a Changing for “Your Waverley.”

By clicking on the link below  you will see the full results for the Farnham borough and Surrey county council elections but in  nutshell it was a resounding victory for Farnham Residents’ or dare  we  say Farnham’s New Conservatives?

In just one day the Opposition to Waverley’s Tory controlled council goes from Four to Seven with the Mayor of Farnham John Ward proving that you can shun your Tory masters and if you have the confidence of your  townsfolk you can still win. As he did in Farnham Shortheath & Boundstone.

But it will be the success of one Jerry Hyman in the Farnham Castle  Ward that will have rocked Waverley’s boat big time. And…as

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And… as he spoke his name, Wen-am-I leaving’s face said – please make it soon!

Because the thorn in Waverley’s side for many long years, will now take his place in the very same Chamber as those who have tried repeatedly to ignore him, rubbish his criticism   and humiliate him at every possible opportunity. After hammering the Tories with (386) votes the new Councillor Hyman, together with Lib Dem Stewart Edge (292) put the Tory candidate Nicholas Louis Le Gal Le Gal, that the WW wrongly suggested  would win, in third place with (229). So the Farnham Residents’ have it!

In the Farnham Town Council election, popular David Beaman captured another seat for Farnham Residents with 556 votes to Tory Matthew Elliot’s (277).

However there was one bright spot for the Tories when Waverley Borough councillor Wyatt Ramsdale captured the Surrey County Council seat vacated by David Munro (now Surrey’s ~Police & Crime Commissioner) winning the seat with 932 votes to Jerry Hyman’s 754. (full list below) but  is he only keeping it warm until next May’s elections? 

Bring it on…Bring it on… Some checks and balances at last  at ‘Your Waverley?” And a little bird told us – there is more to come!





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  1. Congratulations to David Beaman, John Ward and Jerry Hyman who CARE about the future of Farnham.

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