Our little Cow post didn’t come off pat!

Mad cows and Englishmen…

One of our followers was not entirely happy with our post above and we can see her point of view, really we can. Honest.

It’s just that everyone seems to be missing our point. You see Waverley Borough Council has been instructed by the Government to build more homes – nobody actually knows whether almost 10,000 will even be enough – only an Inspector will determine  that?

It is our  view  that brown field sites should be developed first, before the countryside is sacrificed. If Dunsfold Park is not included in the Daft Local Plan – then all those fields around the villages may  soon be covered in concrete. Let’s do a “what if” scenario? If Dunsfold Park is ruled out, and all the other plans in the pipeline are agreed by the planners, and then the Government decides Dunsfold should go ahead what then?

We, and Bramley village gets the worst of both worlds. Even worse Horsham continues piling houses in there – and which roads will they use? Yes… you got it,  the A281, the A24 etc.

We are not blaming our follower  for caring about what you describe as, “your little patch.” Of course you should, we admire you for it, and the Waverley Web cares too – that is why be keep on blogging on. We too want to save the countryside not watch it systematically destroyed.

P.S Has anyone mentioned that in 16 months time Dunsfold airfield becomes one of the few unrestricted airfields in the country – and you have heard of London Gatwick; London Heathrow; there are councillors in Guildford who want it to become London Guildford!


This is what she said:

Oooooh Rather mean methinks!!

Rural Idyl??? Come and sit outside our gate on the A281 during the PM rush hour and see the flippin’ chaos at Alfold Crossways…

Be fair – You know that Alfold already has 55 New homes approved at Sweeters Copse, plus 10 on Dunsfold Road towards The Compasses and potentially another 10 at the Garden Centre to my Pea-brain that makes 75 New homes which according to the 2011 Census (horribly out of date – I know) is an increase of 16.7% and that is before the next batch come in at Wildwood (I don’t mean the New Golf Club and Hotel) and in the fields by Brockhurst Farm

I feel for Cranleigh and Farnham and as I have said, I have objected on numerous occasions – But please stop saying that all we care about here is our “Little Patch”

P.S. We didn’t know about any development at Brookhurst Farm, or at Wildwood Golf Club tell us more? WW

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