Is this THE REAL- Matthew Evans speaking?

You couldn’t not make it up … could you.  Surely not, it couldn’t possibly be … could it?

This recent letter in the Farnham Herald hasn’t been penned by the former Chief Planning Officer of Waverley Borough Councillor THE Matthew Evans? Surely not, after all he couldn’t wait to get out of Waverley Towers, could he? He bogged off down the road to Basingstoke and Deane council didn’t he? Washed his hands of the whole East Street Farnham redevelopment debacle didn’t he and resigned at a crucial stage of “Your Waverley’s”  Daft Local Plan?

Well in the first instance, if the letter below is from the former CPO – you were not in post when “Your Waverley” received its legal advice,i n secret, were you? So you don’t actually know that it was as robust as you claim. In fact the Waverley Web has extracts  of that legal advice and just might put them  into the public domain – where it should be!  

Though we are all delighted you are confident that the advice was  “robust” and “Our Waverley” would not be taking unnecessary risks with “Our money.”

So Mr Evans, you wouldn’t be  standing up for the council you could to wait to get out of  would you? Because it was YOU who was  instrumental in pushing through a host of  planning applications with recommendations to grant consent unlawfully. About 25 at the last count! No, of course not.

No you must be another Mr Evans who is just concerned about the town, and who was not hand-in-glove with developers, including all those with whom you personally held “secret meetings” and who have now  obtained planning permission for almost 1,000 houses in the East of the borough? No it could not possibly be you… could it?  And yes, you say another green field in Farnham could go if East Street doesn’t go ahead … so, why are YOU so worried? You have sat back and watched green fields go under concrete, for which you paved the way,  week in and week out in the East of Waverley!  

 In this letter in the Farnham Herald you criticise Farnham people for standing up for the law and for what they believe is the council’s systematic sell off of town assets. But, since when have YOU been concerned about wasting the public’s money? Under your leadership, The failure of the second  Daft Local Plan – defending a public inquiry on the largest brown field site in the borough? Waste, waste,  you are a past master at presiding over the waste of public money. Bet your new masters in Hampshire are delighted to see you waxing lyrical in an attempt to defend the indefensible.


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