Cranleigh’s green belt biting the dust!


Another day in the life of  Cranleigh’s Sleazegate!

Yesterday we predicted the outcome of the Cranleigh Digger driver’s planning application. his description of himself – not ours by the way.

Read here:Jumping on the developers’ digger…again?

We won’t even bother to report or comment on the debate on the Stennett duo’s latest little property development venture, because EXACTLY AS WE PREDICTED  even though the  scheme for B1 and B2 office use and two flats at Gaston House,  Guildford Rd, Cranleigh, was accepted by planning officers as being on Green Belt, the Stennett’s council mates backed his planning officer mates’  recommendation to approve.

So watch out over there in Cranleigh- this application was an exception to policy and a  dangerous precedent has been set and the erosion of your  Green Belt has begun!

This could signal redevelopment of many other sites in the rural settlement of Rowly which  is in the Green Belt and we all know Councillor Stennett & Co intend to build just along the road on a site in the Green Belt adjacent to Manfield Park industrial estate. Waverley is joining forces with a developer of “the secret meeting kind” using   £1m of “our money.” earmarked in private, months ago behind “Your Waverley’s” closed doors at Waverley Towers! 

|And of course – Cranleigh Parish Council knew noting of the scheme and surprise, surprise Woners Parish Council raised no objection!

Well done Councillors’ Stennett’s for standing by everything you promised the good people of Cranleigh just over a year ago.

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2 thoughts on “Cranleigh’s green belt biting the dust!”

  1. So these Councillors are all in this together. The amount of duplicity going on AND BEING PERMITTED is really astonishing. And we, the poor public, seem to have no defence. These councillors are the biggest NIMBYS – except when it comes to themselves developing their OWN back yard. No wonder the Stennets resigned from the Cranleigh Parish Council, using such an underhand tactic. Have they no shame?

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