You couldn’t make it up?

We’re coming to get you?

Could you?

 “Your Waverley”  takes enforcement action on a regular basis against all those little people across the borough for “unauthorised” development, i.e. the odd dormer window; slight deviation from their submitted plans; a duck island in the middle of a lake (dismissed twice by an Inspector with costs awarded against the council once for £18,000 the second as yet unknown)!   WW doubts very much that enforcement action will be taken on this, major infringement of the well tried and tested planning rules… will it? 

Why? Because the planning rules we are all told to abide by are only for us lesser mortals, “Your Waverley” can and will,  completely ignore said rules and do exactly whatever it likes.  There is no bigger example than the Brightwells/East Street development in Farnham!

This, its latest little escapade, has been uncovered by a local architect!

The punch line  in this Farnham Herald article is  “The council’s planning enforcement team will review the matters raised and respond as appropriate to the complainant.”

WW will bet 100 to 1 on that no action will be taken? Place your bets at:

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.04.49.png


Watch this space -but don’t hold your breath… because you may be in for a long wait!

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