Waverley is in dire need of affordable homes… isn’t it?

Sing-along with the Waverley Web – This Ole-house!

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The WW was under the  impression that due to a huge waiting list for council/housing association homes the borough is in dire of new “affordable” homes. So w have to allow development all over Waverley’s green fields, brown fields, and fields of any other colour really.

Then we, and a few others,  noticed that eight council houses around the borough were being offered for sale?

This set us, and many other residents wondering…  WHY?

Being wide awake over there in the East of the borough, by golly those Cranleigh residents are on the ball – they didn’t just wonder, they put pen to paper and wrote and asked “Your Waverley” that very question, WHY?


Can you please explain why you are selling off council owned property’s in the Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh,  when according to both the government and local government claim we are short of affordable housing, that  the not so financially better off can afford? I would also like to know who gives permission for these houses to be sold, I would suggest that they read Waverley borough councils own web page on empty housing and that if you have an empty property it could be well used to house a homeless family!!!!!
I look forward to your reply


Thank you for your email sent to General Enquiries regarding the sale of council property’s. Your email has been forward to me to respond.

The Council Asset Management Strategy considers the method which our stock is assessed for its viability. A property may cease to meet the Council’s strategic requirements and become obsolete for a number of reasons. In the case of the two properties in Elmbridge Road it was considered not financially viable to undertake major works need in accordance with the Asset Management Strategy.

The properties were included in a report to Executive in February 2016 and the recommendations from which were ratified by full Council on 16th February 2016.

It was also agreed by Executive that the capital receipt from the sale of the eight properties would be invested in the delivery of new homes and stock improvement works.

Kind regards

Louisa Blundell
Housing Development Manager
Waverley Borough Council

So there you are then!  Waverley is flogging off council houses that it hasn’t maintained/improved properly so that it can either “deliver”whatever that means, new homes or improve the ones it already has and…

… in the exact  same area where many hundreds of new “affordable” homes are proposed on green fields! What did Alice in Wonderland say“Curiouser, and curiouser.”


“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

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