Putting ‘Your Waverley’s head honcho on the spot?

Or – where does the buck actually stop at Waverley Towers?

Members of ‘Your Waverley’s Value for Money Overview & Scrutiny Committee – were -‘ not happy.’ Not the usual, ah well we all make mistakes ‘not happy,’ but really we have had enough not happy! Now that councillors are back in the council, having left their Zoom days behind, they want their paperwork to help their decision-making – not hinder it!

The reversion to the new normal has prompted councillors to demand that reports that included sections mistakenly copied and pasted by mistake from reports provided yonks back don’t occur. A few months back one plumply salaried officers giggled her way through her grudging apology for the cock-up, as if it was a huge joke!    – No names, no pack drill, as they say in the British army.

Now – it is back to The Burys for some officers councillors say they want the officers who compile reports to up their game. Provide proper page-numbering and tracked changes.

Looking decidedly poo faced Cllr Steven Mulliner said:

“one of the biggest failures in the way that Waverley does its business is in its version control. It makes it difficult for councillors to know what has been changed in our reports. It makes a great deal of extra work and leads to uncertainty when we are dealing with different versions. This is a serious complaint – a complaint that has been made many times before and it is quite disappointing that it continually falls on deaf ears. I want the Chief Executive Officer to take this up. I want an explanation now on how this will be dealt with?”

Oh, dear! Farnham Residents’ Cllr Jerry Hyman has been rattling on for years about the inaccuracies, but then nobody takes any notice of what he says … do they? Others echoed the same concerns, saying the frequency of errors is increasing and they want to be supplied with tracked changes.

So up popped a very apologetic CEO Tom Horwood to agree. “Yes,” he said the problem had grown in frequency. “It is happening a great deal more” and if he was given examples in an e-mail he would be reminding colleagues to do more to address the issue. 



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