See no evil, hear no evil, are “almost secret meetings” becoming commonplace?

See for yourself:

In the public interest it is incumbent  upon the Waverley Web to inform  residents  that  “secret meetings” are now commonplace at “Your Waverley.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 23.14.29.png
Giving the video feed the chop?

During recent months meetings such as the Joint Planning Committee on 16 May, Eastern Planning Committee on June 15, the Joint Overview & Scrutiny Committee 22 June, and others, where the deliberations of “Your Waverley” were either not webcast at all, or only  in part, or the sound was operating with no video, or the video was working with no sound!

 Most  of us are fully aware the decision making is made, in private in the committee rooms of Waverley Towers, and then confirmed in the council chamber. Or, are considered when the press and public are excluded when reports are buried in the Confidential Pink papers  for  a variety of spurious reasons  known only to the Council’s Officers and Executive.  But at least some lip service should be shown for the council’s pledge for openness and transparency by webcasting some of its activities, shouldn’t it?  

Earlier in the year the council apologised for the lack of video on the webcast, due to technical difficulties.

Last week it apologised again and promised that the recording of  the debate, on the controversial £100m Brightwells East Street development in Farnham, which could not be filmed due to “technical difficulties,” would be put up on Friday. It wasn’t! Why? We also wonder if the video’s are being doctored? Perish the thought that we could be so cynical!

Do residents think the time has come to have a whip round to buy some new equipment? Or, are there more sinister reasons why the council sent the chap pictured above to snip through the wiring?


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