Complaining to a brick wall?

Cover up, Cover up and more Cover up – for God’s sake Waverley come clean about  your mistakes, we all make them, apologise for your duplicity and your crass temp to cover it up and let this poor soul live in peace!

 What does “Your Waverley” do when a resident frustrates it to hell by insisting on having a genuine complaint dealt with… properly?   They just erect a great big brick wall…

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 20.15.42.png
The Great Wall of Waverley?

frustrates the hell out of them until they give up…

however, not everyone  gives up. Go for it Brian Egan progress your complaint from the Monitoring Officer to Wen-am-I leaving, and whoever  else up the chain, down the chain, but not down the pan?

After all the Monitoring Officer Robin Pellow is leaving  because according to his colleagues, he is sick to the gills with doing Waverley’s dirty work! and covering up its mistakes!

This is the latest fobbing off  received by  our Blind friend Brian Egan from Milford who can see behind the brick wall erected   by “Your Waverley” – bet they wished they never called the newsletter/propaganda sheet that! – when it covered up a quarter of a million pound fraud, to prevent  it interfering with the May 2015 elections.

All the man wants is the matter dealt with Independently by someone outside your devious little coven, and if they deem you have acted properly, then so be it?

Dear Mr Egan

Thank you for your letter received by email on 9 June 2016.

While I note and respect your view that the Council should employ an independent investigator to review your concerns under Level 3 of the Council’s complaints procedure, I am afraid that our complaints procedure does not allow for such an approach to be taken in investigating your continuing concerns.

WW. Of course it doesn’t, what on earth would make us all think you do! Your Waverley only has to hear the word “Independent” and it starts to hyperventilate! Whether it is councillors or complaints the word Independent is an anathema. Just in case you rdon’t ecognise the word:

Something or someone that one vehemently dislikes  is  abhorrent, hateful, odious, repugnant, repellent, offensive. 

I have already explained in my previous email how you can progress your complaint to Level 3, and once you have completed this next step, you can then raise your concerns with the Local Government Ombudsman if you remain unhappy with the Council’s response to your complaint.

Yours sincerely
Peter Vickers
Head of Finance
Tel: 01483 523539
Email:  Perhaps the whole of Waverley should drop him an e-mail?

Mr Egan’s response Thank you for your letter received by e.mail on 10th June.

 An elected member has advised me that Waverley have comprehensively reviewed the Complaints Policy and therefore I have tried to obtain an updated copy of same from your website, however the only copies I have been able to retrieve are exactly the same as those I obtained during December 2014 and which were subsequently published in my Report of Events Leading to Complaints Against Waverley Borough Council. If your website is out of date and the Policy has been changed from my published version perhaps you would be good enough to arrange for a full up to date copy to be sent to me and if possible highlight where you consider that you have complied with any new policies that overrule those conditions I have previously referred to.

 As you have not justified that you are qualified to conduct an investigation under level 2 of the Complaints Procedure I must correct you by emphasising that I do not believe that not only level 3 but also level 2, in this instance, can be conducted in the way you insist as it does not comply with the version of Annexe 2 of the Complaints Policy that I have. However, should you attempt to convince me that you had no involvement in the presentation of the Accounts which covered up details that a fraud had taken place in April 2014, this position may change.

 In the interest of fairness and impartiality I am prepared to consider your investigation notes on those enquiries that brought you to the conclusion that my allegations of maladministration, corruption and cover up by those accused are unfounded, therefore would you please send me a copy of your investigation notes.

In the meantime I am investigating the possibilities of taking my complaint direct to the LGO and if this is not possible I shall be looking at any other way in which I can chastise the contumacious officers. BE.

Then he gets the bums rush from The Monitoring Officer and then…Egan decision letter

Then it’s Our Jeremy’s turn…
From: HUNT, Jeremy <>
Sent: 21 June 2016 10:24
Subject: FW: RE:

Dear Mr Egan

Thank you for your recent emails.

Generally, the complaints procedure within councils has to be exhausted before further action can be taken. Once the internal complaints mechanisms have been completed and if you remain unhappy after the final stage of a complaints procedure you can then take your complaint to the LGO. As you know, the LGO has to give a council a reasonable chance to consider a complaint. However, if you believe the LGO will not investigate the case and you are considering County Court or High Court action you would need to seek legal advice.

Best wishes

Jeremy Hunt

Would any of us want to complain about anything Waverley Council does or doesn’t do! We here at the Waverley Web would rather rip our hair out from the roots, well the bits we have left!  On second thoughts – that is exactly why this blog was set up in the first place! And…why after just a few months it has received over  34,500 hits.  So please everyone support Mr Egan’s fight because one day it may be you?

and on and on…
Dear Mr Egan

Thank you for your letter received by email on 13 June 2016.

As requested, I attach a copy of the Council’s current complaints handling policy dated January 2016. The complaints policy is kept under continual review and since 2014 the following changes have been made to the policy:

· An increase in the timescale for responding to Level 2 and 3 complaint from 10 to 15 working days;
· A link to the Council’s stand-alone policy on dealing with unreasonably persistent and unreasonable complaints; and
· The inclusion of more detailed advice on the issues to bear in mind when considering whether to pay financial compensation to complainants.

As I have already mentioned in my previous correspondence on your complaint, if you are unhappy with my response under Level 2 of the Council’s complaints procedure you can ask our Executive Director to review your concerns under Level 3 of the procedure.

and so it goes on…and on…

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