Cranleigh’s Tunnell blocked?

What a bunch of hypocrites we have the misfortune to be ruled by at “Your Waverley.” Because one man’s Green belt is another Council’s new Industrial Estate.

Just picture this:

We have heard from our followers in Cranleigh that a local man  – Ewhurst we believe,  – known  locally as – Gav The Grab – know in the building/ business community as Tunnell Grab Services,  has worked up a pretty successful business.

In a nutshell – “Our Gav”  wanted to set up his expanding lorry headquarters operating out of  Stonescapes in Guildford Road, Cranleigh. known as Yew Tree Nursery.

In the light of the strong and numerous objections to the operating centre, it was  decided to hold a public inquiry to consider the application. The call-up letter was sent on 26 February 2016, citing Sections 13, 19 and 21 of the Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995 and was held at Guildford  Borough Council in April. 

WW fully understands the local objection – and the many representations made by residents regarding noise, nuisance, lorry movements, inappropriate use of a site near houses in a residential road…

However… what did slightly surprise us was the Objection from that double dealing disingenuous bunch at both Surrey County Council and Waverley Borough Council’s  who make white man speaks with fork tongue look like Mary Poppins!

Because… Here’s what the Inspector says in his letter of refusal…

  1. I also received copies of letters dated 29 March from Waverley Borough Council to the owner of the prospective operating centre Richard Mountain and to Gavin Tunnell, the director of the applicant company. The Council stated that the lawful use of the land was for the storage and display of stone, and storage of material for agricultural contracting and landscape gardening businesses. Any change from the above use would require express planning permission. The proposed use of the site as an HGV operating centre would not be ancillary in any way to the lawful use and therefore would require planning permission to lawfully operate as such.
Surrey County Council  Ojected on the the grounds of road safety, its letter citing the lack of visibility at the point where vehicles would join the public highway and the need for vehicles entering and exiting the site to use the entire width of the Guildford Road carriageway.Waverley Borough Council  objected saying it considered that the likely environmental intrusion constituted by the operation of ten vehicles would be unacceptable in the Green Belt.  The Council also stated that “express planning permission might be required for the change of use which the use of the land as an operating centre might constitute.”

 So why then is Surrey County Councillor Alan Young – working “in secret” with Waverley Borough Councillors Brian and Patricia Ellis, Stuart and Jeannette Stennett and the Crown Hall Estates with £1m of “your money” on a scheme to build an industrial estate on Green Belt just 500 yards down the road in a residential area adjacent to the Manfield Park Industrial Estate? With a unit to be owned by – yes… you guessed!  Waverley Borough Council?

Ye Gods one rule for Waverley – another for a hardworking local man – who wanted to park his vehicles, use no machinery, no new buildings or store anything on the site.

 Want to see the plans for Waverley’s very own trip into Cranleigh’s Green Belt? See top left site! Stonescapes next to the marking Guildford Road – outlined in red WBC’s proposed new industrial estate.

Manfield Pk Cranleigh RedLine-Access copy.jpg

Mansfield Pk Proposal copy.jpg



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