The temperature’s rising in Farnham!

Sing-a-long with Elvis?

The temperature is going off the richter scale in Farnham this week-end so   incensed are the residents of “Your Waverley”at the indecent haste with which Gone to Potts is racing “Top Gear” style  into  bed with developers.

One man who has watched, documented and poked his finger  into Waverley’s eye  for more than decade sums up his reasons  in the link below, almost too many to get your head around. Jerry Hyman explains  exactly  why this scheme must  be challenged – before its too damned late.

Sadly  Waverley Web did not exist when “Your Waverley” Council, aided and abetted by  (Borough and County Councillor Denise Le Gal) who is responsible for the County’s Pension Fund, – persuaded her county colleagues to dig Waverley out of the great big hole it had dug itself into. And,  despite its Herculean  attempts, it failed to attract commercial  investors to back the East Street development. However, WW  did, figuratively speaking, lob a hand grenade into Farnham when we  revealed SCC’s part  in funding a scheme, of which not even all county councillors were aware. You could not make it up – could you?

The whole sorry story goes back  years. It was  Waverley’s very own “Mrs MOP,  CEO Mary Orton Pett who provided  a Government  Inspector – with  “a secret letter” giving   details  of the ‘non-existent funder’  in a bid   to obtain the vital Compulsory Purchase Order of  the Marlborough Head Pub which  unlocked  the door to the Brightwells development. She  subsequently resigned with a huge payoff of  “our money.”

Over £200,000 was paid to five employees in October2013, needless to say she had the Lions share,  for reasons, still undisclosed in public. Councillors were warned not to divulge the reasons, due to the damage it would cause  the council, and she agreed to a gagging clause! Oh what a tangled web they weave?
Mrs MOP, who earned around £130,000 a year, was given her ‘golden handshake’ by the Tory-led council .
Announcing Mrs Pett’s departure just one hour before councillors agreed to withdraw the ill-fated Local Plan planning blueprint, Waverley leader Robert Knowless said it would “save a senior post and a significant amount of money” while allowing Mrs Pett to ‘concentrate on developing her career”.
Following this news, the day-to-day running of the council passed to Waverley’s then-deputy chief executive Paul Wenham and strategic director Damien Roberts, who was himself given a £50,000 pay-out from his previous job at Croydon Council in 2012. Where one of his colleagues committed suicide due to “bullying.”

So there we are then! We watch and wait for  Waverley  councillors, many of whom are new, and have no connection or interest in Farnham to bite the bullet, turn a blind eye to the devious, dirty business that has been perpetrated by a  duplicitous group of people. Or …

will the tail  surprise us and start wagging the Waverley dog? Don’t hold your breath.

Read Jerry Hyman’s letter to the Farnham Herald here  : Jerry



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