You can’t pull the wool over my eyes!

sing-along with the WW…You can’t pull the wool over my eyes

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and that includes Waverley Council!

This is a letter sent to every Waverley Borough Councillor concerning a fraud cover-up that occurred within “Your Waverley.” An incident that would never have been revealed had it not been for a whistleblower inside the council. When you have read this letter written by a  resident of Waverley who is blind – but, who can see more than most! Just read the response to his complaint.

Who do YOU believe?

Dear Councillor

Re: Institutional Corporate Cover Up.

You are all aware, at least since October 2015 that Waverley BC was the victim of an attempted fraud of around £350,000. You are probably not aware that the work practices and safeguards that the Council should have  to protect us from this fraud were not in place. Because those responsible ensuring the protection were ashamed of their omissions they concocted one of the most incompetent institutional corporate cover ups that this Borough has ever experienced.

Those officers responsible for this cock up, or who colluded with the cover up, must be dismissed without pension, they are: Paul Wenham, Graeme Clark, Damian Roberts, Robin Taylor and Daniel Bainbridge. The 19 Members of the Executive and Audit Committee have various levels of culpability but those who were most verbal in the defence of the cover up were: Robert Knowles, Julia Potts, Mike Band and Jim Edwards and they must be impeached.

The 19 Councillors, although they had nothing to do with the incompetent mismanagement that resulted in the fraud, agreed to collude in the cover up because they feared that they may be under a political disadvantage at the Borough Council elections on 7th May 2015. I have asked Robin Pellow to investigate, with a view to interviewing the 19 Members, to assess their individual culpability.

The evidence for my allegations can clearly be read in the enclosed documents which were generated as arguments for a request to Grant Thornton for a Public Interest Report. The documents were written by Hugo Alexander dated 25th April, by myself dated 26th April and by my wife Rosaleen on 28th April, all of which should help you to come to your own conclusion regarding this corrupt episode.

Whatever you decide, something must be done to halt this creeping paralysis of Waverley’s administration. It would of course be far better for all of us if you, as Members, deal with the problem rather than to have Government Inspectors installed.

What has happened should not be political even if so far it has been treated as such. It is up to every honest Councillor to act on his or her own conscience in this matter as this is something that is extremely urgent and must be properly dealt with by those that have the power to do so. You have the power to do so.

Brian Egan

Waverley’s response to : Brian Egan

So no problem there then – nobody at the top of “Your Waverley” takes responsibility for anything…OK?



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