Another three bite the dust or “let’s all go and live in “poor old Cranleigh.”

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WW writes:  It was Cranleigh’s turn again this week to put the smile back on the face of  Waverley planning officers after a bit of a disappointment  last week when councillors turned down 265 homes on another site in the village. But after giving councillors a good slap – an early bedtime and one hundred lines “I must not over-rule Planning Officer, Elizabeth Simms – they  made up for the previous indiscretion and let another 75 houses  go through. – Cranleigh New Town Here We come.

And – who does Cranleigh have to thank for another swathe of houses across Cranleigh’s countryside – yes – you guessed – Cranleigh Councillors Brian Ellis; Stewart Stennett, and Jeanette Stennett (who has now personally notched up more than 200 hundred to date- it was her casting vote that clinched 149 houses for Crest Nicholson In Horsham Road.) Oops! WW forgot – the Stennets are wannabe developers themselves, eager to  build houses on land they own in Guildford Road, so it may soon be more?

But let’s digress for just a moment because – The Stennett duo + Former parish council Chairman David Gill have all thrown their toys out of the Cranleigh Parish perambulator … and RESIGNED! Presumably hoping the wheels will fall off?

Cllr Gill because he just couldn’t hack the girl power – particularly now the “mag hag” has been elected. So he  is moving out to the green, green grass of Oxfordshire, as Cranleigh’s fields are diminishing fast!  But the Stennetts gave no reasons, except, WW understands from our Cranleigh moles with  which the Surrey hills are now alive, that they fear their future in the political arena may soon be over, because after a year of working with developers together with  Brian Ellis they  urged their Waverley Joint Planning Committee colleagues to grant permission for the development above, without declaring an interest?

Once again Councillor Mary Foryszewski pitched into battle to try to save Cranleigh’s day but this time, failed. So now there is only one developer who hasn’t got a ticket to the Cranleigh Development party – the Flying Dutchman who is probably over with the Cloggies kicking up the tulips! But don’t worry he won’t give up he’ll be sticking in an Appeal, or putting in another planning application to build next to Little Meadow before you can say…tomatoes! He didn’t get where he is to-day by smelling the roses!

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The Cranleigh Society put up another stirling effort on Cranleigh’s behalf yet again…siting enough technical information for a blog post of its own…read it here soon. Or go onto the Cranleigh Society’s brilliant  Website by clicking on the link below.

Before the debate was underway Councillor Ellis wanted to correct everyone that his interest in the KPI application for 265 homes refused last week  was “not pecuniary.” “just prejudicial.”

If we actually believe that for the past 20 years Councillor Ellis has been having and chairing `secret” meetings with the Cloggie because of his interest in the land exchange of Cranleigh Hospital – which happened nearly 20 years ago – then  we all need to go into rehab?

And it is now common knowledge, not that Waverley is admitting it and the former Leader Knowless-  knows he lied about it stumping up £1m of “our money” to join forces with Hamish Robbie on a nice little earner by developing land on the Green Belt in Guildford Road.  Who was it who worked up the industrial estate scheme with our Hamish, and went up to London with him no less?  yes, you guessed our Stewart – who pleaded with his planning colleagues for Hamish’s other little scheme at Little Meadow to go ahead this week.  No prejudicial or pecuniary interest there then for the Cranleigh Digger Driver whose reputation in Cranleigh is sinking lower than his diggers can dig – we hear! And who has now resigned from the parish – WW wonders will he and his wife resign from Waverley next? Watch this space!

We also hear from the very tangled web that is Cranleigh these days that so incensed was our Hamish to learn of the disclosure of all the confidential documents about his little venture with WBC re: Manfield Park, and yes WW has copies, kindly sent to us by one of the few decent officers still inside Waverley Towers -that he sent a letter to WBC making accusations of a personal nature against a councillor he believed had leaked the information, and which could scupper his cunning plan.


So there you have it… an application passed in the full knowledge that no water quality assessment has been carried out and that Waverley Council will bear the risk and liability of this decision. It is not “Your Waverley” that takes the risk and who pays up it is us – the local taxpayers!


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