Are the bulldozers revving up to move into Farnham?

Remember Crest Nicholson if you Lie down with dogs you get fleas!

Spot the fleas on the Waverley Dog pictured here.

 A Members Briefing on Brightwells will be held on Monday  followed a day later by a Special Executive meeting and an  Extraordinary Council Meeting.  All  arranged with  indecent haste  by the new Leader  who two weeks ago was  hailed by The Mayor of Farnham Pat Frost as… “the woman who gets things done”   to  railroad through the £100m redevelopment of East Street, Farnham.

 Julia Potts intends  to head off  any possible legal challenges from campaigners before they can get their legal act together for what many Farnham residents  predict will be the  ruination of their   historic medieval town.

So rushing it through makes good sense then – doesn’t it? 

And.. how much is she  selling Farnham out for?…30 pieces of silver ? Well not much more – about £3.19 m  less stamp duty of “our money” for a 150 year lease to Crest Nicholson  of “our land”, with Surrey County Council backing it to the tune of £58m  of “our money.”And, Farnham people would not have even known that SCC was the funder if it had not been revealed here by the Waverley Web!

Read all about it in the Farnham Herald featured here:

 Gone to Potts,  aided and abetted by her predecessors; Robert Knowless; Adam Taylor-Smith and David Munroe – ye Gods now Surrey’s Crime and Police Commissioner! intends to whip all her lily livered Conservative Councillors into line   in her bid to give Farnham away to developers. Don’t be complacent Godalming, Halemere; or Cranleigh – it could be your turn next to be sacrificed on the developers’ alter!  In fact she already has plans in place to use another £1m of “our money” to build on Cranleigh’s GREEN BELT aided and abetted by Cranleigh Councillors’ Stennett and Ellis!

Not since Mellors and Lady Chatterley has a group been more  in bed together than Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council and Crest Nicholson. In fact they are playing with the town’s assets  like a 2016 game of Monopoly except they are not collecting money every time they pass GO! 


£3.19 million pounds, less tax for four hectares at Brightwells – the whole of the South East corner of Farnham Town Centre, The Redgrave Theatre; The Riverside (worth £2m) The Gostrey Centre; The Bowls Club; The Memorial Hall, and more… ye Gods it must be buy one get one free!

With most of the debate held “in secret” siting  commercial sensitivity  – Your Waverley is about to commence  the destruction of one of our most treasured towns. Even Henry VIII, did less damage to the cause of democracy than our Tory masters.  WW will Bet Fred  and ED that the cry of “foul” from the Independent, and two Farnham Residents’ Councillors next week on  will be trodden under foot to cries of “sit down and shut up.”

We  can watch the bits Potts wants  us to see on the webcast, if it’s working, as the council’s Chief Executive Wen-am-I leaving and the Council Solicitor Daniel Bainbridge give Counsel’s legal opinion on how they can bat off any possible challenges that may be made.  No problem there then, because after all Waverley councillors have our money to pay the piper?

Challenges, challenges, when and from whom?  Farnham’s Conservative Town Council (full of Waverley councillors) taking on WBC’s Conservative  controlled borough Council for a development which is being funded by the Conservative  controlled Surrey County Council, backed by the Secretary of State for Health and a Conservative  Government – on behalf of Farnham people – No Way Jose! It just ain’t going to happen – is it?

There is so much that could  be challenged in this toxic illegal development, but will justice for Farnham ever be achieved? Not unless the Opposition work together as a cohesive group, give the legal beavers the material and the money with which to wage   a David and Goliath fight. Because we all know what this is about don’t we guys and gals ….this is about Waverleys ego trip, and a determination to forge ahead and impose Crest’s impractical  over development on Farnham regardless of the costs, risks and sacrifices, that Farnham and Waverleys tax payers are suffering for a developers’ benefit.

Farnham is  a pawn in a game devised by the nasty party – Do we hear an Injunction/Judicial Review Coming On?

Let  the fight   commence  for our Town – because “Your Waverley” is actually “Their Waverley,” and they are going to the dogs?


2 thoughts on “Are the bulldozers revving up to move into Farnham?”

  1. The author of this rant lives in a parallel universe. The people who waste public money are those who spent three weeks wasting everyone’s time at a CPO inquiry seeking to question transport and flood risk assessment for which they had no qualifications. The result was their views were rejected in a few lines by an inspector and the government. Would also question why Farnham council feel they should spend£20k questioning a planning decision for which they have no mandate.

    In contrast wbc and SCC are investing in a scheme which brings jobs homes leisure facilities public realm and for both long-term rental return.

    For those who don’t like you have a choice .. Move somewhere else or get elected onto the council.

    Well done wbc for making decisions on behalf of the whole community and not being swayed by a small minority

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