Go on Farnham – Challenge them!

Well done Mark Westcott for standing up against “Your Waverley” in the fight to ensure Farnham doesn’t  lose its Memorial Sports Ground as well as our  Memorial Hall


While  many Farnham residents sit idly by and watch every treasured possession stripped from its town centre by Waverley Council, “Our Mark” is urging everyone to challenge the validity of Waverley’s actions to overturn covenants contained in the original Deed of Gift.

Read his letter from the Farnham Herald here:  memorial May and then give the man the backing he deserves,- including a few of Farnham retired/semi retired legal brains?

What does WBC want to use the memorial football ground for – well, housing of course! Well – take a leaf out of Cranleigh Parish Council’s book when it was faced with  a similar underhand move by one of its members to build on the Beryl Harvey Memorial Field. It rallied the  troops  to a public meeting – and took  the perpetrators  (Four Waverley borough councillors)  on at their own game.  They certainly won the day over there in Cranleigh. 

Read here: “That’s another fine mess you got me into” – Cranleigh!

In the meantime the demolition of part of the Memorial Hall will soon begin to make way for the start of the Gostrey Centre extensions and clear the way  for developers to develop East Street with “Our Money” provided by WBC and Surrey County Councils.

Farnham’s two faced, tricorn hatted Mayor Pat Frost does what Waverley councillors do very well – ignore the views of Farnham people – because they know what is good for you – so if you can’t put up – shut up and accept that this Wicked Bloody Council (WBC) is hell bent on getting those covenants set aside!

Do something about it!




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