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Berkeley Homes Latest – It is going to build in Cranleigh.

For some weeks now the rumour – generated by a wannabe developer – has been doing the rounds in the village that is teetering on the edge of becoming Waverley’s new town.

It was rumoured that the village was not about to get the quality Berkeley Homes development it had hoped for following its successful appeal, but according to a wannabe developer – believed to be the Knowle Park Initiative, Berkeley had sold it on to Taylor Wimpey.

According to a source at Berkeley Homes  – “nothing could be further from the truth.” In fact it is preparing the working detailed drawings right here – right now and has every intention of building a development on land previously owned by the Bonham Trust, that both it, and Cranleigh will be proud of. We have not sold, and do not intend to sell, the site to anyone.”

So concerned was Waverley Council that there was substance to the rumour that it has been in touch with Berkeley’s to clarify the situation and has received the same assurances. 

The rumoured sale to Taylor Wimpey following its successful appeal for 425 homes, was according to our source, “rubbish and mischievous in the extreme.” The claim that even if Berkeley did build, it would only be homes at  the upper end of the market and not the affordable homes,  was equally untrue. The social housing of which 40% was included in the planning appeal granted by a Government Inspector in March, will be built by a Berkeley Homes Registered Provider, and to the same standard as all Berkeley private properties. There would  also be an obligation on both parties to do certain things -which will  include the high standard of finishes. The Registered Provider would be on a very short leash to ensure the quality of the housing stock and in conjunction with Waverley Councillors and housing officers homes, when completed,  will be allocated to those on the council’s waiting list.

He likened  other developers  walking around the village making all sorts of erroneous claims as `“a Cranleigh soap opera.” Saying,  Berkeleys resisted joining other developers, and went it alone, for very good reasons, all of which had been shown to be, the right ones.

There really is a very Tangled Web over there in Cranleigh, which is not being helped by the lack of a credible Local Plan.



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