Oh dear… is Cranleigh’s Stocklund Square next on the developer’s hit list?

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Tenants renting properties in Cranleigh’s Stocklund Square – have told us here at the Waverley Web…

…  That when the  leases on their shops and flats  end in 2021, they will not be re-newed!

Why? Because the owners of the square that was built in the 1970’s by the Prudential Insurance Company –  and once owned by Baring’s Bank and following its collapse was sold to a Dutch Bank for a peppercorn £1 is now, in the opinion  of its owners, ripe for development.  WW understands they are eager to redevelop the land in the village centre – with more shops and an underground car park. WW hopes the cars have sails!

Tenants say they are “gutted” at the prospect of their homes on the former Cranleigh Railway Station site – possibly being demolished along with the attractive village square to make way for more shops, more homes and car parking to serve Cranleigh new town!

Said one tenant, who does not wish to be identified, but whose details are known to the Waverley Web, said: to lose the attractive square would be the last nail in Cranleigh’s coffin. Immediately behind Stocklund Square there are supposed to be over 400 new Berkeley Homes – 55 of the most expensive (reputed to be over £1m will back onto Sainsbury’s Supermarket loading bay)  or will that be lost too! This could lead to an even more congested town centre – (at last someone actually admits it is a new town) – and yet another attractive part of Cranleigh lost?

You may not be able to read this  section of Wikipedia’s description of Cranleigh. But it is defined as a place where there is:- 

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Well that sounds about right then – because earlier this year  it took a Vote of ‘No Confidence” in the leaders of Waverley Borough Council and some are now calling for ‘Your Waverley’  to be swallowed up by Guildford Borough Council, or perhaps even East Hants!

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