And then there were two?

New roles for Cranleigh’s “old guard?

This particular post is deadly serious! No funny cartoons, no humorous songs – just  honest plain facts.

Cranleigh Parish Council’s  Cemetery Committee,which has positions for nine councillors, currently has only three public spirited people serving from within the council’s ranks, and unfortunately, even one of those will be leaving soon!

 David Gill, Brian Ellis and Patricia Ellis.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 08.52.17.png

Whilst it is not W Web’s usual practice to give  health warnings to the occupants of cemeteries, or anyone else for that matter,  in this instance it will break it’s usual silent respect  policy for the dead – all in the public interest.

In view of the above triumvirate’s recent record of trying to dispose of parish land – The Beryl Harvey Memorial Field – for future housing development, please… will the incumbants’  of Cranleigh Cemetery and their relatives remain vigilant at all times. Otherwise they might find themselves with notices to quit!

OH! and P.S The former Parish Council Chairman (DG) who resigned – is expected to leave Cranleigh shortly for greener pastures in Oxfordshire. The Clerk has resigned and gone to work in Horsham and so has the deputy clerk. So from memory since May last year, there have been three or is it four councillor resignations, co-options and by-elections, and lots of toys being thrown out of lots of prams too!

Well there you are then – all is sweetness and light over there in Cranleigh?

Perhaps with another gutsy lady joining the parish council’s ranks following last week’s  By-election,  it really will be a case of Cranleigh’s new brooms sweeping clean – and not before time we hear from our followers over there!   Perhaps that’s the reason why The Stennett and Ellis crews didn’t turn up for the Waverley Mayor Making ceremony this week, once again leaving just one Cranleigh member to represent the village? Perhaps, they too have decided to spend more time with their families?


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