Waverley’s own Olympic Torch may soon be snuffed out!

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Get in the mood for the big leader race …on your marks…


“Our Bobby” – pictured here running his little boots off is making  his way towards the Finish line in the May election for “Our Leader” of “Your Waverley.”

Here’s  Bobby Know-even -less as he  makes his final sprint  as the Leader of Waverley Borough Council. The  council better known as Your Waverley” since the re-launch of the Council propaganda sheet/magazine paid for by you and called –  “Your Waverley.” formerly called “Making Waves.”  We think the latter is a more accurate description for a council that has made plenty of waves – and crass decisions.

Perhaps he’s going back on the Surrey Police beat? Don’t be silly, someone is bound to find him another big fat job on a big fat salary somewhere won’t they. Or perhaps not – when he was on the plod at Guildford Nick ...his nickname was:

” The Olympic Torch “- because he never went out!!

Well his light is certainly dimming, because there are more political plots going on behind Waverley’s closed doors than in the House of Cards! We have been contacted by insiders who want rid of you Mr Plod… they may think that of course, but Waverley Web could not possibly comment!

Watch this space – your heard it here first!

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