The Save our Waverley – rats are running!

Ever wondered what happens to the traffic when the A281 is jammed?

That’s   the question posed by the SAVE OUR WAVERLEY PROTEST GROUP set up to oppose Dunsfold Park – and not to actually Save Waverley just a little corner of it, in the EAST .

They wax lyrical about the bottlenecks at Bramley, the length of time it takes to travel from Alfold, major tailbacks at Shalford and on and on and………..on! Ever been to Farnham? Ever sat in the traffic in Farnham or Godalming?

Now – for fear of being accused for sticking up for Dunsfold and being  in its back pocket…we wish if only…not even tickets for Top Gear!   WW would like to point out that Dunsfold Park has no planning permission yet, so it cannot be held responsible for the build up,or not , which is the case according to official Highway Department statistics.


However, there will be another 300 cars dumped on the road soon – as 55 houses at Alfold – off the A281 have just been given the go-ahead by Waverley Planners.  There is to be a new 80 bed hotel, with accompanying golf lodges etc,  at the Wildwood Golf Club – a lorry pounding down the road every nine minutes for the next five and a half years on their way to Cranleigh Brick and Tile,  and  thousands of  dwellings  proposed in Cranleigh. Presumably someone has a cunning plan to ensure all these take the new flyover over the bottlenecks mentioned and land on the A3!  Whereas traffic from Dunsfold Park will no doubt travel on the road!

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On the rat run?

We have been contacted by angry commuters who have used the so called “rat runs”  SOW mentions.No  doubt you will have seen little rats attached to every available lampost, telegraph pole and hedge for miles around. Many motorists are furious that the country lanes,  used by them for decades to get to work, rest and play – are now only fit for RATS!

Said one follower. “Who are these arrogant people who want to prevent us using the country roads to get to the station and beyond. Ask Jeremy Hunt now the occupier of a property in Markwick Lane if he likes being called a RAT!  Surely he gets enough of that from the Junior Doctors?  WW wonders why the Highway Authority is not tearing them down- they do that for charitable events, don’t they?

Yes – there are accidents – but the highway authority and Police warned motorists only last week that grit is not Magic! and urged them to “slow down.”

Let’s face it SOW – this has nothing to do with the local roads or the A281 – because you are not directing your objection to all the other applications in the pipeline – or those already  approved.

Where were you all when:

 125 homes on Amlets Park, Amlets Lane  was granted, or the 150 in Horsham Road, Cranleigh or 55 at Swallow Tiles, 19 at Cranleigh Brick and Tile.  Were you at the public inquiry into the 425 – Berkeley Homes in Knowle Lane, Cranleigh, are you objecting  to the 265 at West Cranleigh Nurseries, or the 75 at Little Meadow, Alfold Road, 55 Sweeters Copse, Alfold, another 120 at appeal; over 500 at  Springbok Alfold; or what about Mansfield Park where Waverley Borough Council want to build industrial units on GREEN BELT and send more lorries thundering through Wonersh and Shamley Green!

WW could list a dozen or so more – but we have reached the boredom threshold – suffice to say –  you are the former STOP DUNSFOLD group resurrected, and pretending you  want to preserve the Borough of Waverley – aren’t you?  Well if you really do want to protect the Borough of Waverley – start concerning yourselves with all the other sites – Green Field and now Green Belt sites under attack – then you might earn support. In the meantime the general view is…BUILD ON BROWNFIELD SITES first! got it!

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7 thoughts on “The Save our Waverley – rats are running!”

  1. Hilarious, love it. Your latest post has really made me smile 🙂 and I’m not being sarcastic as there has ti be a place for all views.
    ..just to add though, the Springbok plan is also bring fought, just not so visually as the DP one. As for the others, well some are justified others are not but it would be nonsense to go after every planning application as some do have merit. The Dunsfold Park master plan though is a whole different matter if only for the shear scale of the damn thing. That will really mess up the borough’s roads, stations car parks and Cranleigh shopping car parks.

    1. Glad you liked it – The Waverley Web is here to please – inform – and comment! So presumably it is your view that green fields in and around the borough should be built on – even those on flood plains! Well – there you are then. Better to build houses all over the green fields, schemes that are already blighting many thousands of residents’ homes rather than build on a brownfield site. Everyone is entitled to their views – but WW has a horrible feeling that East Waverley just may end up getting the worse of all worlds! We hope we are wrong – for all your sakes, and, we wish we could smile!
      PS. Either way DP wins – because its Waverley’s intention that it becomes the main employment site in the borough – so ends up covered in concrete, and generating huge lorry movements either way – but keep smiling!

      1. I absolutely don’t agree with building on green fields. The recent WBC decision to build on that sweet green field just short of Alfold Crossways is criminal and sad.
        But The DP plan should be refused simply because we will all be snarled up. It won’t end at 1800 homes will it? It will go on to 3800 then who knows where. McAls bought all that land the Cranleigh side of the A281 and that is where it will go afterwards and then eventually all join up with Cranleigh itself.

        Now, I admit I live close to Dunsfold, but before you call me a NIMBY, a phrase I actually don’t mind being called to be honest because we are all nimbys in one way or another.. Dunsfold won’t really feel so much impact if this goes ahead. Its the A281 and the little lanes over the Surrey Hills that will suffer.. and most importantly Cranleigh! a place I have strong associations with. How do you think the Sainsburys’s car park will cope or the High Street on a Saturday morning, it’s already pretty busy coming in to work! – In the coming years, bored teenagers will try to find things to do, will they have the money to get cabs evrywhere… there certainly won’t be much going on in that massive housing estate.
        And as for “affordable homes” well… that ain’t gonna happen.

      2. Well – we agree on something! You don’t agree to building on green fields. Sadly that decision has already been made because well over 300 are already are, or are going to be, built on green fields around you over the next few months! And… let’s see what Mr McAllister has to say about whether, or not – there will be affordable homes at Dunsfold Park. Maybe, just maybe, one day he will get in touch with us here at the Waverley Web? But we won’t hold our breath – because so far he let’s the Anti’s do all the talking! WW

  2. True.. and now the official “Calling In” of the application to the Secretary of State has been announced, that should get WBC thinking. Perhaps a vote of no confidence will also be possible! stranger things do happen.

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