Outer London – here we come?

Ever wondered  why so many more houses are needed in the Waverley/Guildford/Woking area?

Well – here’s  the reason!

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London Could match the population density of Rio de Janeiro or Bangkok unless the city begins development outside its boundaries,a cross party report has revealed.

The London Assembly planning committee has set out options for future development in a report written for May’s London Mayoral election. It said:

 London, which last year exceeded its 939 peak population of 8.6m is on course to expand to 10million  people by 2031.

To accommodate the growth the city needs to build at least an extra 49,000 homes a year and only has the capacity to build an extra 42,00 a year.

The committee declined to offer any recommendations. – no surprise there then!

Accommodating population growth on that scale is a major challenge, “Nicky Gavron, the committee chairwoman, wrote in the introduction to the report. “It is not just where we build the 50,000 new homes we need to build every year: It is also how we improve and expand public transport, where we locate businesses, schools. hospitals, shops, how we protect our open spaces and improve the quality of London’s environment.”
London currently has, 206 people per square kilometre, Rio, 6,850 and Bankok,  6,450. Paris has only 3,350 people per sq metre.

So – there you are then.

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  1. It might help if all the new housing developments in London was actually built for people to live in – far too many new developments are bought for investment purposes and not even rented out and left unoccupied for most of the time. Given that the Government has been so keen to implement the bedroom tax why is not similar action taken against foreign property investors?

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