Can we walk on Hascombe Hill – we ask?

No doubt you will have seen the pictures in the media taken from Hascombe Hill of  Dunsfold Park .Well, WW asks – are we allowed to walk on Hascombe’s hallowed ground?

Read this to the delightful sound  of Peggy Lee singing the Folk Who Live on the Hill.

Because not so many months ago The Chairman of Hascombe Parish Council remarked at a meeting that he had seen mountain bikers on Hascombe Hill on a number of occasions. He said he would monitor the situation and consider whether suggesting signs be put up reminding people that there is, no bridleway and bike and horse riders aren’t permitted to ride on the hill.

That’s news to the thousands  of horse riders that have trotted across Hascombe Hill for donkeys – years!

Well there you go then – horse riders cannot view Dunsfold Park from the Hill. Neither can cyclists,  so who can view Dunsfold Park  then? The birds, the bees, or perhaps, just …. the folk who live on the hill!

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