Would you Adam and Eve it?

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Here comes Cheesman – the Ellis’s puppet on a string.

It would appear the Cranleigh Tories are pulling back in a former councillor (often referred to as an Ellis puppet) as the co-opted member for – yes, you guessed, – the uncontested parish council seat in Cranleigh West!

Brian Cheeseman the 80 year-old  councillor who describes  himself as an Independent,   and who left the council last May,  did not seek re-election saying, “I am not  finding being a councillor fun any more” is to be levered back in. Possibly because life at the council is now more fun! But more likely, according to the locals, because  the Ellis Duo have been finding life  more than a  little difficult since a few bright women were elected to the parish ranks, and have had quite a bit to say for themselves.

So much so, that an uncomfortable little hiatus called The Beryl Harvey Memorial Field has cropped up and bitten Brian Ellis leaving its teeth marks in his backside. Read…http://waverleyweb.org/2016/01/28/

Now, in attempt to redress the balance they are believed to be attempting  to reintroduce   the Little Cheese in a bid to  level the ever changing playing field, or more to the point, the Beryl Harvey Field.

 Mr Cheesman was seen recently by neighbours  walking the BH field in Knowle Lane with  “others” who shall be nameless, and was asked by same neighbour, what he was up to? He told her, “that a Mr Nick Vrijland (aka The Flying Dutchman) had put forward some sensible suggestions for   “using” the BHF.” It also transpires that thanks to the good offices of the Little Cheese, an offer was made to re-locate the treasured allotments onto land on the opposite side of Knowle Lane that was exchanged with the parish council by the Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust, (on which he serves as a Trustee.The land, formerly owned by the Big V, is now owned by the parish council, and was exchanged to provide  – would you Adam and Eve it – sports playing fields for youngsters – not allotments!

Still the locals over there in Cranleigh say they prefer to have the Little  Cheese than the Povey, disgraced former Leader of Surrey County Council, who was believed to be making a comeback!


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