Thakeham Homes ‘gives it wood’!

This is the very same developer – who wants to build in Ewhurst and Alfold.

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via Mid Sussex Times here

This is what the  developer who wants to build over 500 homes in Alfold and over 30 in Ewhurst has been up to just over the border in West Sussex. Watch out villagers Thakeham Homes  may soon be coming to a green field near you!


Mid Sussex District Council ordered it to stop and asked the company to replace the hedges within 14 days, or face a formal Hedgerow Replacement Notice. It then had to issue the formal notice.  Thakeham Homes has now appealed the order and in it’s appeal documents to the inspectorate, it has stated that its plans to submit a planning application for a housing development on the land saying it will require the removal of some ‘boundary features.’

A spokesperson for the developer said “Thakeham Homes do not agree with the assessment made by the Council and therefore have appealed the decision ti the Planning Inspectorate”.

 WW is quite sure it will win that one. After all they are only trees!

The company  argue they do not require planning permission for the removal, under the Hedgerow regulations 1997 for a number of reasons.

Don’t forget that Thakeham Homes is still in ‘secret’ talks with WBC to build more than 500 homes at Springbok in Alfold. Oh! and by the way – it looks as if the Springbok’s manager may have  gone walkabouts?

How do you replant ancient woodland? Waverley Planning Officer Elizabeth Simms suggested last year  on the Berkeley Homes application in Cranleigh that “you can always plant new ones” Lets all go out and plant an ancient woodlands shall we?   Anyone out there have a few old trees?





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