Brownfield – v – Green fields?

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So much for the waffle produced by Waverley Council’s leader Robert Knowless on BBC Radio Surrey last week. He told the world the Dunsfold Park application had not  been validated. Well it has, and  the clock has started ticking, – in fact as you read this post you have just 15 days in which to comment on…

A new settlement of 1,800 homes.

 You can even buy copies of the documents and a CD rom – while stocks last!

A Group calling itself Save Our Waverley has  sprung into action and the anti’s in       Dunsfold, Chiddingfold, Hascombe and Milford are  on a roll concerned about everyone wanting to catch the train  from Milford or Godalming to London. Obviously no-one has told them  commuters are already doing so. Some are suggesting the old Cranleigh railway line should be reopened, others that nothing should be  built anywhere!


Some are even claiming the airfield   is not a brownfield site, others that an increase in business use will be a problem. Does anyone out there read the local papers any more?Dunsfold Park Limited was given planning permission before Christmas for another 10,000 sq metres of commercial space. read..

Read your local papers!  The Farnham Herald, Haslemere Herald, Surrey Advertiser, The Dragon on-line – and,  WW,  sometimes you will hear it here first.

Last November Planners agreed to 10,000 square metres of extra business space at the borough’s largest business site – a 20% increase on the existing space after officers said it was in line with the Government’s Growth Agenda and would  support the Borough’s future economic growth. And you know what.. councillors’ heard the  space was already  let, and would generate  another 200 jobs. No doubt by people who will need homes near to their place of work.

WW has ascertained that over 100 companies operate at   at Dunsfold employing 700 people.When British Aerospace operated from the site there were 1,450  many of whom  lived  in Godalming and the surrounding villages, contributing to their  economic growth. Because you know what, people need jobs, and homes before they can begin to spend money in the High Streets!16.01.15 - Photograph shows grass and woods.jpg

The person who wrote to the Surrey Ad has obviously never set foot in Dunsfold Park and believes the owners bale hay most of the time. She is obviously completely unaware there are applications in the pipeline to build over 2,200 houses on Cranleigh’s  green fields regardless of what happens at Dunsfold!

And planning permission already exists for 300 homes in Cranleigh and  builders’ hope to start  in the Spring.


That would appear to be the question facing  Waverley as there are only a handful of brownfield sites in the Borough. Is Waverley presently providing sufficient homes for its residents? Quite simply – no.  This was  revealed by  a Housing Needs Assessment carried out by Woking, Guildford, and Waverley Borough Councils. Waverley’s own advisors suggested well over 600 – The council opted for 519 per year and are working  to evidence this figure. If they don’t and the Local Plan fails then… God Help us All!

 Read : 16.01.15 – Local Plan for borough essential

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