To be or not to be…

 …is the Dunsfold Park planning application validated or not…that is the question?


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Is the Leader of Waverley Borough Council Robert Knowless running about like a headless chicken? Answers to 


You can hear it for yourselves on the link to BBC Radio Surrey. But this is what the   Leader of Waverley Borough Council said:

“Plans for a “new Surrey village” on a brownfield airfield site cannot be considered by planners in their current form.”

Dunsfold Aerodrome submitted an application for 1,800 homes in December. and it was validated by planning officers just days later. However,   as it was so close to Christmas, it is believed, the consultation date did not start until 4th January 2016. Once any application is validated it appears on the council’s website, which it did and huge media coverage followed.

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However, Councillor Knowless appears not to know this – perhaps that’s why WW coined the sobriquet “Know-less”. He obviously hasn’t logged on to his Council’s own website and read the application for himself!!!

He told the BBC it would not be validated, without more information about infrastructure for  – “quite a bit ” Durhhh!!!

So Councillor Knowless – are you saying that WBC has submitted to Dunsfold Park a formal Reg.22 request for further information, or have you simply not bothered to look at the application on the website, or are you using your council’s usual  delaying tactics to generally frustrate and prevaricate?

Is  this anything to do with  your Chief Planning Officer having just resigned , and telling anyone who cares to listen that  he – ” cannot put up with WBC’s political cr** any longer?”

Have  the planning officers’  given  Knowless the go ahead to raise infrastructure issues in public, before they have even had an opportunity to trawl through the couple of hundred very complex documents that have appeared on their website?

Has Knowless  not heard the quotation – Better to remain silent and be thought to be judged a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt?”

He said Dunsfold had been told there was more work to do on the application “that is something that can be overcome, I would assume, and once it is valid officers will start work on it.”

Ye Gods! Will someone wake the man up and shove a cup of coffee under his nose? The application has been validated and the clock is now running

Want to hear it for yourself..listen to the BBC morning news from 1.48.20 to 1.51.07  Be patient…it takes a little time to load – but it is worth listening to on last Mondays bbd news


From the BBC website…

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