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The word on the Waverley Street this week is Dunsfold

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Farnham Herald
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Haslemere Herald

16.01.07 - Fears housing blueprint could be delayed by officer's resignation copy

16.01.08 – Dunsfold site could provide 3400 homes


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It is nothing new for the home of Top Gear to hit the headlines, but this week every local newspaper, radio station, and on-line media has been talking Dunsfold.

The sheer scale of the application for 1,800 homes and possibly many more to come has created quite a stir over there on the Surrey/Sussex border.

Some are describing it as a new Surrey village, others as a new Surrey Town. With a 16 week consultation period, and the Chief Planning Officer’s resignation landing like a Harrier Jump Jet on the Leaders desk at the same time, WBC is reeling.

Not that leader Robert Knowless is admitting to being phased by the enormity of the number, scale and complexity of the huge number of planning applications and appeals the council  now faces. But then his arrogance is legendary!

 But even he recognises, that the deadline decision target date the council has set itself of March 18, is an “impossible one.” so what is he doing asking to go on the radio to tell everyone the application has not been validated. Read http://waverleyweb.org/2016/01/13/to-be-or-not-to-be  The 16 week consultation period actually ends on April 17, but due to its size and complexity, the application is unlikely to be considered until June.

 Councillor Knowless fails to mention that the appeal decision on the Berkely Homes Application, for 425 homes in nearby Cranleigh and due to be considered by a Government Inspector on 2nd February, could also be determined in June. But then he has already stated publicly in December that if it had not been for “councillors” who ignored officers’ advice permission would have been granted and WBC would have its 5 year housing supply in the bag – no wonder it is putting up little defence at the pubic inquiry!

The nightmare scenario that many WW followers over there in the East of the borough have been predicting for some considerable time – may just be about to happen.

The East which includes Cranleigh and all the villages surrounding it could get the worst of all worlds – development on its green fields, its flood plains, on brownfields and unless it moves – it will be built on!

Read this link – This was Cranleigh’s green fields earlier this week scary or what..


PS. WBC put £100,000 of our money – because in its words it is “our Waverley” towards a Masterplan for Dunsfolda year or so ago.

This week the Executive has decided it will provide all the Planning Fees that accompanied the Dunsfold Plannng Application to “deal” with it. Presumably that means… with outside Consultants.

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(a) Where is the Masterplan? WW has not seen one – if you have, answers on a postcard to contact@waverleyweb.org

(b) How much money accompanied the forklift truck when it delivered the planning application to Waverley?  Tell us Scottie – so we can tell the voting fodder in Waverley how much of their money WBC intends to spend?




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