Flood concerns grow.

 As concern for flood victims in the North of England grows with every storm now working its way through the alphabet…

Environment Agency flood warning for the Cranleigh Waters and Littlemead Brook.


It brings back memories of those flooded in the borough of Waverley in the storms of 2013/14, and all know that all that separates them from a re-run is a slight shift in the Jet Stream which has, so far, gone north.

Homes were seriously flooded in Godalming, along the River Wey, not helped by the development at Riverside, Farnham; Alfold; Loxwood; Cranleigh, Bramley and more…

Waverley’s flood risk assessment 2015. Or how to fiddle a flood risk assessment more like, by excluding the maps unavailable on the WBC site! Why – do they not withstand scrutiny we ask. as this forms part of the Local Plan  and  the flood risk for one third of the borough is the most important thing in it.  Why?

On Page 17 it says we will clear out the “calculated debris” – we wonder what “calculated debris” is?

This week water was bubbling up through the Knowle Park where 425 homes are planned. On February 2nd 2016 Berkeley Homes will go before a government Inspector to appeal against Waverley Borough Council’s refusal to allow 425 homes there!


16.01.08 - Alerts raise fears of floods and development plans
Surrey Advertiser January 5

16.01.08 – Alerts raise fears of floods and development plans

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 14.23.46.png
Cranleigh Civic Society

According to WW followers in Cranleigh WBC is putting up very weak opposition at the public inquiry to which the public are permitted to attend. It could be that the The Cranleigh Civic Society, which is fighting to retain  green fields and stop development on flood plains, will be the only spokesman for the people of Cranleigh? Or may be the parish council will have a say?



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  1. It’s worth taking another look at the WBC Local Plan Evidence docs on their website – I spoke to Waverley last week and they have now uploaded Vol.3 of the SFRA (the Flood Maps) in 7 parts. However there does still appear to be 2 maps which are referred to but unavailable, which I’ve asked WBC to provide.

    Vol.2 of the SFRA makes interesting reading – as you say, it does rather come across as being a rum example of ‘How to Fiddle a Flood Risk Assessment’.

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