Oh dear! Guildford’s Hon Angela has dropped herself in heavy duty dog doo by calling a Radio Presenter an ‘ARSE.’

A Twitter storm has erupted – and not for the first time – over remarks made by Guildford and Villages Tory MP Angela Richardson.

I am the Member of Parliament for Guildford & Villages, and I called the wrong  James O’Brien an arse! And now I have offended every  James O’Brien after calling another James O’Brien an “Arse,” so  I have put my foot in it again!

Gaffs of one sort or another are not unusual for the brown-nosing Tory MP who congratulates her colleagues and anyone else, any time, anywhere, and left Twitter when Trump was thrown out. Pity, she didn’t stick to it? NEWSFLASH! The Hon Angie has dumped TWITTER!

However, this week Guildford’s narcissistic exhibitionist MP excelled herself and caused a Twitter storm that went viral across the airwaves with many hundreds, if not thousands of Tweets.  During which the threat of a Libel Action followed.   Including offers from the public to help fund it.

Perhaps Angie should read his book now she has resumed her holiday in Cornwall after her one-day silent appearance in the Commons? Time better spent perhaps, than plagiarising the work of a Waverley Borough Councillor and circulating it as her own, and upsetting the leaders of her two borough councils.Guildford & Waverley get a jab in the ribs from MP Angie? How many people can she offend in just one week?

Here’s what  A James O’Brien said after Dominic Raab announced he was doing a parachute jump for charity.

 “Brilliant Dom, jumping out the plane is a wonderful homage to all the Afghans you failed to help get on the plane. Always loved your ironic sense of humour. Go Dom!”

Ms Richardson jumped to Raab’s defence by saying:

James OBrien is an Arse! But many of you know that already.

Fancy going on to someone’s Fundraising Page intending to make the final weeks and months of a dying child’s life easier, making a sarky comment and not donating. The lengths some people will go to is astonishing! ARSE!

To which she received… this – from THE James O’Brien – Radio Presenter on LBC Radio.

Posting this apology once the Twitter storm had burst and after deleting the libellous tweet. But only after she had written…

 “I have not tagged you. But I am happy to delete my tweet if your assumption that I meant you has caused you offence and I apologise as requested.”

But here are a few suggestions, including some from her constituents…


7 thoughts on “Oh dear! Guildford’s Hon Angela has dropped herself in heavy duty dog doo by calling a Radio Presenter an ‘ARSE.’”

    1. I Do care what our Elected MPs say in Public – It proves to me, and I am sure many others, what a bunch of Idiots we have governing this Country.

    2. Sadly we disagree. We believe the voting fodder deserve to know how their elected representatives behave. Including how they deal with constituents genuine concerns and issues. We have received numerous private e-mails from residents of Guildford & Villages who are forced to take their concerns out of desperation to former MP Anne Milton. Who is in no position to help them?

  1. I do wish instead of spending their time on Twitter and other social media outlets that our elected representatives got down to some practical work for and in the community. Actions always spoke louder than words in my day…then again that was a long time back and things have moved on. But moved on for the better? ? How much angst does social media chatter cause and create … too much I think. I’m sure, time spent on line calling people names on Twitter, whatever you think of them, could be put to better use.

  2. The poor manners and the stupidity of our MP reflects poorly on those tories in the local association who voted her in in the first place. Perhaps they’re all like that?

    1. Yes, perhaps someone could tell us exactly how such an inexperienced candidate got through the selection process? An unproven record as a parish councillor and a failed prospective borough council candidate. A giant leap for a Boris Babe, who does Tory bidding no matter what? Unlike her predecessor, it must be a boon for the whips office, after her predecessor who stood up for what SHE believed and was kicked out for standing up for a principle.

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