Godalming residents get the answer on Tanner House – at last!

Godalming residents have been wondering why the scaffolding at Tanner House in Prime Place Godalming is still in place – it’s been there since the beginning of the year.

Try and imagine what it is like living in this dark and dismal development for a year. 

Would you believe people are actually living in this odawfulming building?

We spotted this entry on the Godalming Community Board.

“This is an essential upgrade to the cavity fire barriers at Tanner House that is now required by law after a re-interpretation of Building Control regulations following the Grenfell tragedy.  While the building was approved, inspected and certified as fully compliant with building and fire regulations by the Local Authority Building Control when completed, things have changed post-Grenfell.This is the sort of work that’s happening on similar projects across the country.

While the work is unavoidable, we are aware of the potential disturbance it is causing for neighbours.  We are doing everything to reduce, as much as possible, the work’s impact with stringent measures in place. The Environmental Health Officer from Waverley Borough Council undertook a recent inspection and was content with the measures in place.

In terms of timescale, we are about to start to render repair works, which should mean we can remove the scaffold by the end of October.   I can double-check this.

Hope that helps give some background on this.  “

All the best

Andy Geldard

Chief Communications Officer


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