A feather in the cap for ‘Your Waverley’s’ housing honchos.

Andrew Smith,  Director of Waverley’s Housing  Services, has achieved a new look magazine to keep residents in touch with its housing sector.

Hot off the Press. Mr Smith and Cllr Paul Rivers, the council’s Co-Portfolio Holder for Housing, released the council’s latest magazine at a meeting of the Executive.  

The work of Waverley’s housing department and its Tenants’ Panel are featured in the Homes & People’s Autumn Magazine,  published yesterday.

 Mr Smith told the Executive that he hoped everyone would read and digest its contents …

“Because there are good things there to nourish the soul and the mind.`’

“Your Waverley’ hits the front page with its  Homes & People Magazine.

You can read it here: It looks good, well set out, informative and colourful – wonder how much it cost?

Wave Homes and People Mag AUTUMN 2022 v5 accessible


One thought on “A feather in the cap for ‘Your Waverley’s’ housing honchos.”

  1. More to the point, how many new homes are Waverley building with truly affordable rents?

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