How about we all write to this rotten bunch of Cranleigh developers?


The grab-it-and-run brigade has been making small fortunes out of poor unsuspecting homebuyers like poor Annette in Cranleigh.

The poor woman, along with her neighbours, has been going through absolute misery. For pity’s sake, when will someone do something?

Light Blight at Cranleigh’s Amber Parkside.

Amber Parkside – Volume 2. Or buying a property from A2 DOMINION? – better read this first.

The Amber Parkside resident is getting nowhere despite writing dozens of e-mails about the appalling lighting problem the developer inflicted on her. She says the lighting there is like living on Gatwick’s main runway.

Judging from these picture of Gatwick’s runway, Amber Parkside is marginally worse.

Here’s Annette’s latest pleading message to those who build and sell properties, trouser the cash and then ignore their buyers.

Here’s Annette’s latest letter to A2 Dominion.
I am writing to ask a question, please…
The offending lights (6 lamp posts) on my side of the road and parking area were switched off for the past two weeks.  It was HEAVEN, and I thought that, FINALLY, someone was listening to the complaints and taking proactive action. I was feeling happy again.
But tonight, they have come back on. I am back to being furious with all of you at A2Dominion, the planning committee and the very much so, NOT considerate builders.  You do not live up to your advert, your company is inconsiderate, selfish and slow in everything.
PLEASE, PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.  I have the light pouring into my windows yet again.  THIS IS RIDICULOUS – for GOD SAKE, get the electrician to turn them off again.  The road was perfectly okay without them working. We could see with the central reservation lights, and no harm was done to anyone.
What do I have to do to make you all listen to me and reply with something of actual value?
I know this is not your fault, Aamina, but please pass this on to top management and get someone to contact me about this URGENTLY, as emails are doing absolutely nothing.
This is now an urgent matter.
Kind regards,


We have been doing a little digging here at the Waverley Web, and all has been revealed. Kerching!

The former land owners are Mr and Mrs N. Vrijland, Amlets Hill, Amlets Lane, Cranleigh.

The developer is the former director of A2 Dominion, Mr Andy Leahy, of Bespoke Property Services, Arundene Orchard, Loxwood Road, Rudgwick, Horsham. RH12 3BT

Perhaps you might even like to knock on their doors or shine a spotlight on their homes.


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