Fact checking the Haslemere (Tory) Fact Check


The Haslemere FC – is not a football club – it claims to be a  checker of facts and is quick to criticise the present administration running ‘Your Waverley.

Here’s the Tory Group, aka Jamie Grant’s latest little bit of local mischief.

So what have those three years + of Rainbow Coalition provided for Waverley residents?

How about this as a starter for Ten?

Massive support for residents and businesses during the unprecedented COVID epidemic. A loss of income from almost every Waverley service, including planning, building control, car parks, leisure centres, etc.

Some activities at the borough’s leisure centres are still not at pre-Covid-19 levels.  However, some of the so-called “waffle” he speaks of includes plans to build a new leisure centre in Cranleigh. Millions will be poured into the borough’s leisure facilities​ – but Cranleigh could be the biggest winner with a £12.7m jackpot.

Tackling the Climate Emergency and producing its blueprint for dealing with it. Waverley is one of the top councils in the country for tackling climate change.

Battling to stop Tory-controlled Surrey County Council from taking over the 11 borough & district councils – an ongoing fight that is taking up a considerable amount of officer and councillors’ time, money and effort throughout the county.

Could we all soon be saying – Bye, bye to ‘ Your Waverley?

Is Surrey’s Leaders bid for a Unitary Authority crashing and burning?

In common with other boroughs and districts, reduced Government funding settlements year on year, and no clarity on future funding or how the future of business rates, fair funding or levelling-up may affect the council’s finances. So fair, do’s quite a bit of midnight oil burned by the coalition sorting out that one, eh Jamie?

The national staff pay award is far higher than expected.  There is a high staff turnover mainly due to the cost of living in Waverley/Surrey. Ten per cent of staff use foodbanks.

Then, there was the momentous decision for Waverley & Guildford councils to work together. Not exactly a mean feat, but one that Jamie Grant would consider as being – just ‘strategies, plans, options, analysis, and waffle.’

Putting Local Plan Part 2 before a Government Inspector and getting to grips with a new planning Horizon system purchased by the Tories, which at one time brought the planning portal to its knees.Waverley’s planning portal hasn’t gone to pot its gone to Bot.

We will let the public be the judge?

Waverley & Guildford Councils statement on future partnership.







3 thoughts on “Fact checking the Haslemere (Tory) Fact Check”

  1. I find Haslemere Fact check a breath of fresh air – at last someone holding the Leader and his progressive alliance to account. If Waverley Web finds inaccuracies in Haslemere Fact check by all means point them out. If the facts are not convenient so be it. It appears that Waverley Web supports the Lib Dems then knocks the Tories. Please can we have some balance.

    1. The WW just gets sick of Tory’s constant carping. Surely during one of the worst periods in its history – coping with a pandemic, cost of living crisis, huge cuts in Government grants shouldn’t;t everyone be working together? Or is that too much to ask? What chance of World peace when an organisation like Waverley can’t work together?

  2. I totally agree that everyone should be working together – the problem lies with opposition parties who play politics and “oppose” purely for the sake of it. Lib Dems in Waverley are particularly bad at point the finger at the Tories – one should look at the mess going on in Waverley under the “leadership” of Cllr Follows. Financial black holes, planning department in crisis – the list goes on.

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