Three cheers for our former MP Anne Milton.


Dishing the dirt on that creep, Sir Gavin Williamson has brought former Guildford & Villages MP Anne Milton back into the limelight where she belongs.

Anne Milton has dobbed in the bully-boy and recounted some of her experiences working as his former deputy when the Minister under the spotlight was the Government’s chief whip.

Anne Milton

Ann Milton
Deputy Chief Whip

Mrs Milton was stripped of the Tory whip during the Brexit rows in 2019 and subsequently lost her seat.

What a shame our Annie didn’t speak up earlier. She might just have saved our children and their teachers from the pig’s ear of a mess Gavin Williamson made of our children’s education during his term as Education Secretary. He was sacked by Boris Johnson over the Covid A-level debacle.


Sir Gavin said he had “good working relationships” with people he had worked with across government, adding no specific allegations had ever been brought to his attention.



4 thoughts on “Three cheers for our former MP Anne Milton.”

  1. Not here to defend the guy, but doesn’t the title Chief Whip, tell you something about the post and what go’s with it. I’d rather he was slammed for his appalling record as Education Secretary

    1. So would we Dave. Our children will be paying and living with his mistakes for the rest of their lives.

  2. He was a pitiful Education Secretary – obviously he has vented frustrations he may have on staff and colleagues but he should have had the sense to realise he wouldn’t get away with it in his current position. To many eyes and ears everywhere! Good for Anne. No one should have to put up with such crass treatment.

  3. I’m really proud of Anne for speaking out. She didn’t need to, but hopefully in doing so she will stop this character re-emerging in a position of power later down the line.

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