Waverley’s LP2 all set to come through?

Despite being put through the wringer by A Government Inspector, and wannabe developers Waverley is heaving a huge sigh of relief at the latest news on its blueprint for planning in the future.

Here’s what Portfolio Holder for Planning Liz Townsend told a meeting of the Executive this week.
She said she had received  news from the Inspector’s programme officer, following which she said she was now delighted to report :

“We are cautiously optimistic.”

“After carefully considering submitted evidence, and the written and oral statements of examination participants, the Inspector is of the view that no further main modifications, over and above those already communicated through the hearing sessions, are necessary in order to make the plan sound and/or legally compliant.”
The Planning Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State to examine Local Plan Part 2 is G J Fort BA PGDip LLM MCD MRTPI.


5 thoughts on “Waverley’s LP2 all set to come through?”

  1. CRIKES!!!
    But does this mean that all those Developers who have been hiding in the wings – will not now be jumping onto the stage with New proposals for additional growth in Alfold?

    You know the ones I mean…The ones who came and gave us a preview of an additional 66 Homes next to the 99 they won on Appeal and then blatantly stated on their website that they were also hoping for an additional 200 odd on top. If I could copy a link I would but here it is anyway for your Webbers to convert into something useful!
    After all what is a mere 375 Additional Homes on top of the 477 already granted by Planners or on Appeal

  2. But I believe even more consultation is required, so the door has not closed yet on the developers, will there be an unseemly rush from them before it does?

  3. Good news for residents and WBC.
    The only tentative conclusions I draw from this statement are that
    i. Inspector Fort has accepted that Dunsfold is going ahead and will eventually contribute 2,600 towards the numbers
    ii. he has decided that Waverley don’t need to pause the process to look for new site to be allocated from the Green Belt like the ones around Milford
    iii. perhaps also that he has accepted what the Council has put forward in relation to Royal School at Haslemere …
    I think it is too early to say anything else about the areas outside Green Belt which are not protected, including. Sorry Denise. We are just going to have to wait and see. Fingers crossed.

  4. Kathy
    My 3rd Attempt to post this – But interrupted and lost connection then lost my post!! …..

    I understand Greenbelt Protection – But it does NOT take into consideration COUNTRYSIDE beyond the GREENBELT – Which is in many cases better and most precious land with best agricultural Land to produce food for this country and land that supports our Natural Environment in so many ways Supporting Wildlife and the Natural Ecosystems here in the Outskirts of the Borough

    But NO we protect many areas – Just because they prevent Urban SPRAWL – Well …what about the sprawl that is most likely going to happen between Dunsfold 1800 – 2600 New homes and Thakeham 320 odd, Covey, Q and the rest of the Vultures that will consolidate our villages with the larger developments and turn this part of the Borough into the Largest Flippin’ Dormitory in Surrey.

    This is Not an exaggeration this small village has about 477 New Homes agreed at Planning or on Appeal

    A village of 450 Homes 2011 Census – Outside of the DP application despite the fact that their impact will be on all the Eastern Villages

    How many people will be able to work here? Let’s be honest even SCC don’t think it is feasible
    Well I hope with the way this country is going they don’t sell any of their £500k – £2.5million homes and serves them right!

    There are NO plans to improve the Road Infrastructure here in the East of the Borough – it is all focussed closer to London and the larger Towns
    In fact it is just shocking to see how the whole transport Infrastructure improvements Stop just beyond Guildford
    This is NOT LEVELLING UP – Just because we live in Surrey – We are one of the Poorest parts of the South East

    When we eventually get a decent road that isn’t at a standstill because a Café in Bramley is having building supplies delivered or the mini-Market its stock (both at the same time at 9.30 on a Friday morning) leading to 2mile queues on the A281 – When we get a train station…………….Never going to happen unless trains Fly!

    It is a joke and a damn good dumping Ground for the rest of the Borough… Any Inspector that doesn’t get that is BLIND – You simply cannot put a blanket over the Borough – Protect Greenbelt and let the rest go to areas that are unsustainable – But due to the fact there are comparatively Few residents (Voting Fodder) there will be little Objection.

    I hope that there is a small amount of shame on some of the people that voted for DP and are now winging about 17-20 odd new homes in their TOWNS with Train stations, Schools and Doctors – SHAME ON YOU ALL!

    Always believed that what goes around comes around – and I really hope it does.

  5. Oh and I forgot to ask Kathy all all the GREENBELT in your neck of the woods how much of that is GREEN Land and how much is actually just buffers around Public facilities like Train stations or other sites of complete Non-Value??

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