A message to the people of Waverley from The Good Law Project

There has never been a more critical time to protect our environment.

 One of Liz Truss’s first acts as Prime Minister was to pledge to lift the fracking ban and approve exploratory drilling, seemingly without considering the impact on vital green spaces, including those in Waverley.

Another cloud hangs over the environment.

Did we hear Secretary of State for Business & Industrial Strategy Jacob Rees Fog correctly when he said yesterday that he intends to block legal attempts to stop fracking and oil/gas extraction?

UK Oil & Gas  (UKOG) was given the go-ahead by former Secretary of State Michael Gove’s Levelling Up department for exploration at Dunsfold shortly before he was sacked and the leadership race began.

The Government blocks shale gas schemes elsewhere – but backs exploration in Dunsfold

As a nature reserve in Waverley burns, CrowdJustice puts its weight behind – ‘ Stop drilling in Dunsfold.’

Here are diagrams showing where licences have been granted for exploration in the constituencies of our two MPs. Angela Richardson – Guildford, Ewhurst & Cranleigh and Jeremy Hunt SW Surrey.

The Government has awarded licences for potential oil and gas extraction in Surrey, Sussex and beyond.

Licences were granted by the Government In Angela Richardson’s constituency.
MP for SW Surrey Jeremy Hunt’s constituency
SW Surrey and Guildford are energy hotspots.

This summer saw the UK plagued with wildfires and floods caused by the climate emergency; it is very clear much more needs to be done to fight climate change. This is why The Good Law Project supports a legal challenge brought by ProtectDunsfold, a Surrey-based community group. Over £33,000 has been donated locally to seek a Judicial Review of the decision.

It said:

Together we are fighting to protect an essential green space on the edge of Surrey Hills, an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, from a drilling project that could cause severe damage to the surrounding area.

We believe we must stand up and protect our green spaces and our environment. This is why we are proud to stand side-by-side with ProtectDunsfold.

If you agree, please share this video with friends and family and help us raise awareness about this important campaign:

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