As a nature reserve in Waverley burns CrowdJustice puts its weight behind – ‘Stop drilling in Dunsfold.’

As firemen across Surrey brought the Hankley Common heath fire under control – legal help is on its way to stop drilling for fossil fuels in Dunsfold.

CrowdJustice – an organisation specially tailored for legal action – has responded to the call for help from campaigners fighting UK Oil & Gas (UCOG) to stop drilling for gas on the Loxley Field which runs under Dunsfold airfield.

To pledge your support click on the link below – not far to go to reach the £30,000 target? Still, 25 days to go.

 A major incident was declared yesterday by Surrey Fire Service at Hankley Common near Elstead and Thursley.  Fire tenders across the county raced to the scene in a bid to save many acres of the treasured nature reserve as winds blew the fire across the heathland.

At least eight hectares of land were affected by the blaze that started around midday. People are warned to avoid the area.

‘Your Waverley’s staff stood by should their help be needed. Displaced persons were supported by friends and relatives.

 What better time than to receive the good news that the fight to stop drilling for fossil fuels in the borough is being backed by top legal brains. CrowdJustice is an organisation specially tailored for legal action and crowdfunding. It handles compliance issues and transfers funds raised directly to lawyers to ensure that backers know exactly how much and where their money is going.

Hear Waverley Leader Paul Follows speaking on why the council hopes to take on the Government in a David & Goliath-type fight with the Government in the link below:

Why isn’t Surrey taking action against UKOG and leaving it to Waverley and residents crowdfunding?

‘ Your Waverley’ to put its money where its mouth is to fight UK Oil & Gas fracking.

3 thoughts on “As a nature reserve in Waverley burns CrowdJustice puts its weight behind – ‘Stop drilling in Dunsfold.’”

  1. Brian Edmonds
    Councillor: Farnham Wrecclesham and Rowledge Ward.


    The following reasoned concerns are personal. They based upon direct past onshore exploration drilling experience. The concerns are for legality, transparency and unnecessary involuntary harm.

    A judicial review for this development well is prudent, reasonable and in the public interest after Surrey County Council has chosen to screen out (remove) the requirement for an Environmental Impact Assessment.

    “The aim of Environmental Impact Assessment is to protect the environment by ensuring that a local planning authority when deciding whether to grant planning permission for a project, which is likely to have significant effects on the environment, does so in the full knowledge of the likely significant effects, and takes this into account in the decision-making process.”

    Surrey CC decision was “prepared under Regulation 8 of the Town & Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 (as amended).” Unfortunately, the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 provide opportunity for differing interpretation such as Schedule 3 risks of major accidents [Schedule 3, paragraph 1(f)]

    Exploration drilling is invasive and potentially dangerous, for these risks local residents have the right to health, safety and environmental legality. Whilst “experts do not always agree” a judge is an independent “expert” at interpreting the law with the time, knowledge and opportunity to deliver sound legal judgement. A Judicial Review could confirm legality where there is reason for uncertainty.

    Whilst a bond might not be required for a self-insured multinational oil and gas company the apparent absence of a bond to ensure that there is the financial protection for Surrey and Waverley Borough Council taxpayers in reinstating the well site to its original condition is of serious concern.

    An established indication of an organisation’s health, safety and environmental management integrity, awareness and commitment is in an active policy. It is of note that the company policy for this well appears last revised on 31 July 2018. This development demands further consideration of any remaining options.

    1. Thank you for your informative, well-reasoned and welcomed explanation. Surely everyone at the borough council, regardless of party, must agree with the Executive’s decision to challenge this awful decision? Perhaps the owner of the site, after Ashley Ward has trousered a few more millions will be asked to reinstate the site, which he skilfully managed to purloin from a very old lady. Thankfully her family abroad managed to step in and prevent him from snaffling up the farmhouse at Loxley.

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