Let the battle with UKOG begin says ‘Your Waverley.’

At the last meeting of the ‘rump’ of the old council, Waverley’s Executive voted unanimously to fight UK Oil & Gas and the Government in the High Court.

It has agreed to spend £82,500 to cover the costs of preventing the oil giant Uk Oil & Gas from sinking any exploratory bore holes on the Loxley Fields in Dunsfold. The Secretary of State gave UKCOG the go-ahead after it overturned Surrey County Council’s refusal on environmental and other grounds.

The first decision Waverley’s new council will make?

As a nature reserve in Waverley Burns CrowdJustice puts its weight behind – ‘ Stop drilling in Dunsfold.’

Said Leader Paul Follows:

Steve Williams – The Green Party and lead on Climate Change Strategy in ‘Your Waverley.’

Cllr Steve Williams said the council would not be alone in its forthcoming battle and thanked the Fight Dunsfold Group sitting in the gallery for its support and that of Crowd Justice. As a nature reserve in Waverley Burns CrowdJustice puts its weight behind – ‘ Stop drilling in Dunsfold.’

It had been his mission since joining Waverley in 2019 to support its Climate change Strategy and objectives. Waverley owed it to the residents of Waverley & Dunsfold, in particular, to stop the on-shore drilling for fossil fuels in Dunsfold. 

It is imperative that we are successful for the residents of our borough and the planet, he said

Said Cllr Liz Townsend: 

In the David & Goliath fight – we all know who the winner was.

Cllr Follows said the council would be looking to Alfold and Dunsfold parish councils to continue their support and hoped they would contribute financially towards the joint effort.

4 thoughts on “Let the battle with UKOG begin says ‘Your Waverley.’”

  1. I am so glad that Waverley has decided to continue the fight on behalf of its residents, perhaps our local MP can spare a few thousand from his petty cash.

  2. I completely understand the focussed purpose and intent on this issue. I also agree with the cause of protecting the environment.


    WBC cannot continue to pour money into legal cases where the potential for outgoings exceed the council’s means.

    Thus there is an obvious vulnerability which both sides are fully aware of.

    The Govt is sitting back watching this last act. An audience heavily in favour of their own enrichment view the scene of a small borough that’s already indicated a need to be merged. With an MP that (should he consider standing for re election) won’t be responsible for swathes of it. A borough that’s used the hated judiciary to foil their devilish plot, had its moment of victory and inevitably turned the handle of revenge, for the trap door to open and all the demons of Dunsfold to be released. For they undoubtedly will be. A grand finale, a battle to the death. Make no mistake this isn’t just gas this is where we all live. We may not always agree but our place, our identity, is being ripped from us.

    Support WBC stand up and be counted.


    1. The noises off from Waverley Conservatives are already criticising the council’s move to attempt to protect the environment – not just in Dunsfold but elsewhere. Some would prefer we put up and shut up. Waverley’s administration has most residents behind its David & Goliath type battles with UCOG and developers. However, some would prefer, we just let the Government decide how we live. In which case, we may as well dump the ballot box.

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