Are Farnham’s traffic woes coming to an end?

WaverleyFarnham folk certainly hope so – but many are none too sure?

From what we can ascertain some residents believe this whole business is... ” turning into an absolute fiasco.”
A THREE-phase plan for sorting out Farnham town centre’s traffic woes is to go out to public consultation this summer. This will include plans to permanently widen pavements, reverse sections of the one-way system, and potentially build a new link road from Castle Hill to the Upper Hart car park.
According to the consultant’s recruitment page containing information on when and how many people they intend to bring on board. So far… Nobody! Only the two (Surrey County Council) appointed consultants. Speaks volumes if even the consultants are not multiplying, doesn’t it?
As for electric buses. A complete nonstarter. We suggest Farnham residents just keep an eye on the bus proposals because they are impacted by some of the cycling ideas and of course the plans for two way South Street and the Borough with bus stops. The buses are key to all the town changes.

Detailed plans are yet to be revealed in public – with Farnham Town Council discussing Surrey County Council’s “sifted options paper” in a behind-closed-doors session at the end of last Thursday’s full council meeting.

However, the town’s councillors did first engage in a broad debate of the proposals, as revealed shortly before the meeting by town council leader John Neale following a meeting with Surrey’s Farnham Infrastructure Programme team a day earlier.

The three-phase plan has been formulated after last year’s consultation on Farnham’s ‘optimised infrastructure plan’, with Surrey currently modelling its proposals before revealing them in public.


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