The public put a bolt up the backside of a Godalming by-election candidate

Wow! The local Tory machine tries to do Facebook for a by-election candidate – and is immediately busted by the public.

How low will Tory candidate Andrew ‘Blobby’ Bolton go to capture a seat on Godalming Town Council?

Wakey, Wakey Mr Blobby Bolton – Waverley did apply for the ChargePoint scheme and some have already been installed. Surrey’s Electric Vehicle Charging Points – could be arriving in all Waverley’s towns except Cranleigh – where bikes are big business?

 SCC/Waverley partnership meeting officers announced that the following sites had been earmarked for possible electric charging points in Waverley. But not all of these would be given the go-ahead.

  • Beacon Road, Beacon Hill, Farnham
  • Falkener Road, Farnham – presumably for all the students – who don’t have electric cars?
  • Summers Road, Godalming
  • Wey Hill, Haslemere
  • Christopher Green in Haslemere
  • Croft Road, Godalming
  • Windrush Close, Bramley – where everyone owns an electric vehicle?!
  • West Street, Farnham – where parking is at a premium?
  • Hale Road, Farnham 
  • High Park Road, Farnham

You were the church treasurer after all, better do something about this Blobby Bolton?

Oh dear Blobby B – this land is not yet scheduled for development? Don’t you even read WBC papers? If not, what sort of town councillor will you make? Godalming doesn’t need Blobs in jobs.

Since when has MP Jeremy Hunt actioned anything in Godalming? He is far too busy criticising the NHS   and holding secret meetings with his supporters to help him oust Boris to slip into the top job.

And here’s is a typical example of his Facebook entries when he was an inspiring Waverley Borough Councillor.

2 thoughts on “The public put a bolt up the backside of a Godalming by-election candidate”

  1. This looks like a straight lift out of the Tory playbook of election dirty tricks – the same playbook that created the Haslemere Fact Check Group as mentioned in the previous WW article about the Bury’s car park. I guess the local Tories are very worried now they are left with nothing positive to say about their party. I notice that “countryside campaigner” and ex-councillor Ged Hall has kept his head down on social media despite standing for the by-election in Hindhead. I wonder why?

    1. No doubt the Tory faithful will be delighted to get Ged Hall back in the ranks, so he can join up with David Munro and do even more damage to the borough?

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