Does this remind you of somewhere in ‘Your Waverley’ – Dunsfold Park perhaps?

Dunsfold Garden Village-coming soon.

Could this be the reason Surrey County Council highway chiefs finally supported the development at Dunsfold Park – after opposing it for donkey’s years?

According to a report by a transport pressure group called Transport For New Homes, after looking closely at 20 Garden Community proposals it became clear that councils were using the concept to fund road infrastructure.

 No surprise there then?

The group has been studying master-plans – including those for Dunsfold Park – the former aerodrome soon to be home to1,800 homes in its first phase and heaven knows how many more after that.

Waverley’s Local Plan earmarks 2,600 homes on the aerodrome, but if the current Tory Government, headed by Bulldozer Boris and Bob the Builder ‘Jenrick’ have their way, there could be many, many more. After all, it is the largest brownfield site in the borough of Waverley, seen as ideal sites for development by the Government.  It is no secret that Guildford and Woking councils would love to welcome the inclusion of Dunsfold in their patch.

Maybe if a re-organisation of local government gets the go-ahead – that may yet happen?

Bye Bye ‘Your Waverley’ Hello ‘Surrey?’

Now, look at Surrey County Council’s cunning plan for ‘Your Waverley’s’ eastern villages.

In the early days, the Government promoted garden villages as ‘beacons of integrated and forward-looking transport.’ A number were chosen, in part to finance a new by-pass here and a link-road or other road improvements there. Improvements that had been wanted for years.’

So in other words – is Dunsfold Park the cash-cow for road and transport improvements in Waverley, and in particular, the congested unsuitable roads around the eastern villages including Cranleigh?

In its consented masterplan, junctions on the A281 at Bramley and Guildford are earmarked for improvement, if our memory serves us well?

The report concludes that the 20 garden communities studied, risk creating up to 20,000 car-dependent households.  However, we can confirm that the developers of Dunsfold have signed agreements with Surrey county council to provide public transport ‘in perpetuity’ from its site to nearby towns. A commitment that is unheard of elsewhere in the country.

The report concludes: “This is not just about delivering homes – it’s about building places that people are happy to call home. We are clear this should include sustainable transport options that support economic prosperity and well-being for resides, such as public transport, walking and cycling.”

Most garden communities – like Dunsfold Park – are in their early stages of development. The details of the Masterplan for Dunsfold will be considered by Waverley Planners shortly.


2 thoughts on “Does this remind you of somewhere in ‘Your Waverley’ – Dunsfold Park perhaps?”

  1. Oh WW
    Really??? DP may have the best will in the world and will provide Buses and a few tweaks to the A281 but at the end of the day the A281 is what it is …. A single carriage minor A road – which only has to have a cyclist on it to slow down the traffic flow.. Let alone Buses.

    The only Junction improvement that could potentially improve the traffic is the stupid one at Shalford. Traffic lights at Bramley are a nightmare when there are roadworks so imagine full time traffic lights there!
    Unless there are major changes to the Infrastructure here in the East – why would anyone other than those working at Dunsfold Park want to live there? They are struggling to sell properties in Cranleigh and Alfold and we all know why.

  2. Sadly the Government has spoken – and it if gets its way there will be massive development all over the South East including your area and ours here in Farnham. A town which is experiencing traffic chaos. Our roads are grid-locked much of the time. If you dare – come and visit us?

    As for the Surrey/Sussex border where you are in Dunsfold – Horsham is fighting to reduced its housing figure downwards from 900 p.w. However, under the algorithm announced by Government it will be asked to provide over 1,700 per annum. No doubt many of those vehicles will be trundling down the A281 Horsham to Guildford Road by Alfold/Dunsfold/Cranleigh and Bramley?

    Perhaps common sense will prevail? So here in Farnham we continue to hold our breath as the air becomes more polluted every day!

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